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Hallmark Health System is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Middlesex County, MA.

Hallmark Health System does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hallmark Health System is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Great place, fast and efficient. I came in today for an ankle x-ray and thankfully it wasn't broken. I was here for about 30 mins in total from prompt check-in (Dr. Jack ordered the xray) up to 3 I went to the imaging center and back down to 1 for a wrap and Rx. I am glad this place is here, it's nice to know you can stop in whenever you need medical care and the Doctors and PA I've seen here are all really personable and kind. Thanks to all! (2 months ago)

The Hospital was clean and the nurses and doctors were nice but the receptionists would rather finish their conversations before admitting a patient to the ER. Their protocols are a bit clumsy as well seeing as they tried to send me home without taking any updated address or insurance information. Overall not bad, I was just annoyed by those receptionists. (2 months ago)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital is pretty much only good for their Urgent Care center, its extremely convenient, and the quality of care, treatment, wait time, and employee performance can vary from good to great, otherwise Lawrence Memorial Hospital functioning as an actual hospital is absolutely horrible, make sure you never get admitted here, they are understaffed, and the staff that they do have is awful, personality wise, and with the quality of care that they provide. Examples, nurses disregard your physician's request to stop medication (blood thinners) and when they gave you the medication (by injection) they had little care for your comfort and well being, they had over and over left giant bruises. As for physicians at this hospital, they're awful too, little care for your medication sensitivities, unwilling to listen to you're concerns and needs Also, an example of their incompetence, they completely disregarded the exam results, findings, diagnoses, and treatment ordered, by a Specialist, whom comes in from other hospitals, or offices. A Cardiologist came in and did a through examination and came to a certain diagnosis, that everything was fine, that no heart attack occurred, and no other problems, the physician at Lawrence Memorial ignored the diagnosis, and continued ordering tests and providing treatment for a heart condition, and wanted to medically induce a heart attack, wouldn't discharge for 3 days after everything was cleared with the SPECIALIST, and was told was medically, physically okay, and safe to be discharged. It honestly seemed as though the physician was just looking for extra things/ways to add and bill to the insurance. Absolutely HORRIBLE as an admitted patient hospital, but the Urgent Care center is extremely convenient and great to go to. (7 months ago)

The urgent care clinic has always given me the best care and advice. I am very grateful that this clinic is available to me. Out-of-town guests have used it twice. (6 months ago)

I'm at 2 locations often. But would like to note that the music played in the waiting room isof mental health is triggering. I've heard others complain as well. I believe it to be more calming for mindful music or soundscape type. Thank you. I hope this is acknowledged. (6 months ago)

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