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Hackettstown Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Warren County, NJ.

Hackettstown Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hackettstown Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Same day surgery nurses Sue and Holly were fantastic. They were so compassionate and understanding. It was a really great experience. I would highly recommend! (a month ago)

I've only ever used this hospital for ER situations. Their nurses and doctors are fantastic, but their administrative staff leaves a lot to be desired. Doctors/Nurses: Super nice, knowledgeable and efficient. Medical Assistants: Fantastic attitude, courteous, prompt. Front Desk: It's a 50/50 whether or not you're going to get a courteous attendant. I've had really good, and very bad experiences with the attendant(s). Sometimes they really keep you in the know, make you feel like your comfort matters. Other times, you're just being treated like a nuisance. Accounting: I know how much my ER deductible is, so I always want to get it done and over with and pay it up front, the day of my visit. Twice I've been directed to simply "wait for the invoice after my insurance is billed." I've told the admin that I know for a FACT I need to pay my deductible of $125, but they said I need to pay once the bill is sent. Well, TWICE the bill never came to my address. They automatically handed it over to a Debt Collection company (an awful one at that), and twice I had to call the hospital to confirm these collection calls were for the $125 deductible they never billed me. I suspect their accounting team is small and not very well organized. I never receive bills from this hospital and only ever get a call when the debt has gone "bad." Absolutely awful accounting, which is why I will never use this hospital unless I am dying. (3 months ago)

Consistenly refers doctors to the patient that do not accept that patient's insurance. The patient is unaware until they receive bills from the hospital for those doctors and then you have to pay the entire amount out-of-pocket. My husband was in this hospital a great deal last year, and we now owe $10,000 to doctors who do not accept our insurance and we were never notified of this at the time. The hospital has our insurance information from our admission. I was in this hospital a few months ago. Knowing what was done during my husband's stay, I asked the doctor whom I did not know if he accepted our insurance. He said "yes". Well, guess what? We just received a bill from that doctor for $700 because he does not accept out insurance. Way to take care of patients, HMC. All indications are that we will have to declare bankruptcy because my husband was not receiving pay all last year. Thank you, HMC. The nurses are the best anywhere. And the food is great. (a month ago)

We recently brought our 4 year old daughter into the ER shaking from fever. After staff took her temperature we got wise remarks from one of the nurses after asking to take it again. Head DR. Said he was sending us home, i made him feel my daughters head and he said it felt like a 99 fever. My wife and i refused to leave without them checking her temperature again which they did. Over 106° they gave her motrin, Head DR. disappeared and never came back. The nurses were busy on there facebook , while we were left on our own, we had to wet down paper towels and try to cool our daughter down ! Forgot to mention that the E R was empty that night. Disgraceful and very disappointing . I would give a negative rating if possible. (4 months ago)

On Friday February 2nd, I fell on ice in my apartment's parking lot, and hurt my foot. I was in a lot of pain and I ended up coming to the ER. Initially I was nervous about coming here due to the low rating but I was in a lot of pain and Hackettstown Medical Center was the closest. I had a very positive experience here. When we arrived, they gave my boyfriend a wheelchair so he could take me from the car to the ER without me limping and risking falling yet again. Check in was quick and easy and the wait was short . All the staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable despite my circumstances. After some x rays the doctor determined my ankle was sprained and I was given crutches, an aircast, a lot of helpful information about how to take care of my ankle and help it heal, and was taught how to use my crutches. On top of that, the following Friday I received a follow up call asking how I was doing, if I had any questions for the doctor and if they could do anything else for me. I've never received a follow up call from any other ER I've been to. It's clear they really care about patients and their well being here . (5 months ago)

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