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Nationally recognized for our innovative patient care, Habersham Medical Center is a not-for-profit acute care hospital offering your family a full-range of ...

Habersham County Medical Ctr is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Habersham County, GA.

Habersham County Medical Ctr does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Habersham County Medical Ctr is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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My mom was taken there after a stroke. This place was terrible. Every person who interacted with her needed to be reminded that she'd had a stroke and couldn't stand or walk on her own. Couldn't move her right arm or hand. Every person had to be reminded of her preferred name (middle name so she would recognize when they were speaking to her). In her confusion she would try to pull herself out of the bed with her good arm. Family had to stay with her every night to make sure she didn't fall out of bed. Medicines weren't given properly to assist with this agitation or sleep. Communication among personnel and between them and family was TERRIBLE. Family was relied on to feed her, bathe her and clean her up after help with the potty. My elderly father was exhausted and his health was affected. So glad she has now escaped this place. (in the last week)

I Took my baby on Thursday night & Friday night she was diagnosed with a right ear infection & mouth ulcers also hands & feet disease which the previous hospital could've told me that . She was treated very good ! The staff & doctors acted very friendly & professional , they explained to me what was going on with my child & what was going to happen next they explained to me very clearly what she was diganosed with . Thank you Habersham Medical Center for making my baby feel a little bit better & for saving her life as she could've died . I really appreciate it since a previous hospital did not prescribe the antibiotic you did . She is in great hands right now at CHOA in Atlanta as you guys transfered her over here . As I'm sitting in a hospital chair writing this review , waiting for my baby to get better , I'm thinking of what would've happened if I didn't take her to this amazing hospital which is Habersham Medical Center many things came in my mind . I WILL be returning back if I ever need any medical care or if my child needs any medical care in the future !! As I've always done I delivered her here & had a great ftm experience . Thank You once again to all staff & doctors that I seen & helped my child get better ! (a week ago)

I went in for a possible fractured wrist and a urinalysis because I had been passing blood and pus for over 2 weeks. Took 2 hours in the room for the doctor to even see me. And as soon as the doctor entered the room, no hi how are you, whats the problem. It was so your having a wrist problem, do you have insurance. And upon finding out I had no coverage she was on her way out the door as soon as she came in. Totaly ignored my symptoms of giving me a urinalysis. Had to remind them of what I was there for. The nurse was very rude, rang the buzzer 8 times and no one still showed. Sat in the room after the doctor left waiting on the nurse for a urinalysis and they forgot 2 times again. Directed me to the bathroom without a cup. Had to remind them I needed a cup. Was.I supposed to piss in my hand and give it to them. The staff was very rude, and its seems if you dont have insurance, they direct you to another facility. I know how the medical system works, if you have no insurance they dont get a kickback. Didn't even refer me to a orthopedic. My analysis came back negative. So why is it 3 weeks later I'm still puss g blood and blood in my urine and my left hand is so swollen I can't even dress myself. This is the.most lax and inhospitable ER I have ever went to. And I think they shouldn't even be allowed to practice medicine on the public. I'm virtually disgusted. (a month ago)

I wish there was more than 5 stars on this system. I would like to thank Dr.Sarah R. Mack and the PA John Williams for being so completely wonderful. The whole staff is awesome. I came in for what I thought was my appendix they ran all the right tests and found what was wrong and kept me out of pain while doing it and took care of the pain in a fast timely manner. The nurses and Doctors both checked on me every few minutes to make sure I was comfortable. This doesn't happen in 95% of hospitals and a doctor that listens to you is almost unheard of but they listen, act and continue to show genuine concern for your issues. I can't praise Habersham Medical Center enough. I drive 45 mins to get there from where I live and I would rather die in route on the way there than spend 5 mins in the hospital where I live.I recommend them to everyone. AWESOME JOB. THANK YOU. (6 months ago)

My wife had to go here with a breathing problem late on a saturday . The staff in the ER took great care of her. She had to be admitted and spent 8 days in their care. She said they were friendly, took good care of her and the food was good. We would use them again. (6 months ago)

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