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Based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Gundersen Health System is an integrated healthcare organization serving counties in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in La Crosse County, WI.

Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 630 AM – 900 PM
Tuesday 630 AM – 900 PM
Wednesday 630 AM – 900 PM
Thursday 630 AM – 900 PM
Friday 630 AM – 900 PM
Saturday 800 AM – 900 PM
Sunday 800 AM – 900 PM

Location and Directions


They billed the wrong insurance twice. Then when I called the second time to correct it they said it was too late to run under the right insurance. Followed by turning my account to collections before I could dispute it. What a joke. (4 weeks ago)

I was referred here from Mayo. I absolutely love it. They have more time and patience, and everything extra is free. Free valet, free parking, free medical records/imaging, coffee/tea/coco/cookies/etc... The longest I've had to wait for an appointment was specialty and took only 5 days. I*love*this*place 💙 (4 months ago)

All three of my kids were born here. Without Gundersen Lutheran Hospitals great care I don't know if my youngest daughter would have been born. The doctors, nurses and especially the midwives are excellent. (2 months ago)

I was seeing the same doctor for a number of years for my high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acute anxiety, and seasonal depression.  Sadly she left the country to work with an organization of somekind.  Amazing doctor.  A little over a year ago a close friend committed suicide.  I was the one to find him.  Afterwords I saw three therapists.  One though the crisis line though my work, one though internal medicine, and one though behavioral health. (The first two where short term.)  All three were amazing but at this point my anxiety was so bad I wasn't leaving the house.  My doctor at the time who was a physician's assistant randomly started taking me off blood pressure medications and refused to refill my xanax.  Getting kind of sketched out I followed a friend's advice and changed over to Family Practice.  There I was only able to get yet another physician's assistant who told me she did not feel comfortable prescribing me anything for anxiety besides the very small dosage of antidepressants that I was already taking.  Now keep in mind after all that had gone on my family was very concerned about me and my dad came to my appointment.  The physician's assistant then had somebody from Behavioral Health come in and told me that "we were going to fix my panic attacks in 20 minutes" and that they wouldn't be prescribing me any more Xanax.  At this point I was furious but my dad and I went along with it anyway.  Needless to say after 20 minutes of this woman telling me that I'm not running away from lions and tigers and shouldn't be having panic attacks my anxiety did not go away. She didn't ask me anything about my friend's death even though I did try to bring it up.  Fast forward about a month later I'm laying in bed thinking of what the strongest place to hang myself from would be.  Ultimately I decided that my dad didn't need to see his only son hanging in a stairwell and I rode it out.  I don't know how to explain what it feels like to have that much anxiety but it's painful.  The next day I went on MyCare from work and wrote an email begging for help as a last resort.  I asked for anything that would help with anxiety as I didn't want to appear like a drug seeker and who knows maybe there's other medications that would help.  The nurses who answered told me the doctor is not willing to prescribe me anything and if I'm feeling this way I should check myself into inpatient Behavioral Health.  At this point I was way out of time off at work as my Grandpa had also passed away around the same time and because of my anxiety I had been calling him too much as it is.  I didn't want to check myself into inpatient because I had been there before to visit a friend and I didn't think it was a good place to be.  So here we are a little over a year later.  I've been fired from my job and I now have no health insurance.  I'm doing a lot better but still have a hard time leaving the house sometimes.  I really am not expecting anything from Gundersen at all at this point and I'm relying on friends and family for a lot of support.  Please if you or a loved one have any type of depression or anxiety do not rely on Gundersen Health System.  This may involve driving out of town but it'll be well worth it. (3 months ago)

Always makes you feel comfortable. Great place to go for health care! (5 months ago)

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