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449 W 23RD ST, PANAMA CITY, FL 32405
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449 W 23RD ST

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center is a full-service emergency care facility specializing in heart care and women's health in Panama City, FL.

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bay County, FL.

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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This review is the direct result of a visit to the ER that began on June 22nd and ended on June 23rd from 11:30 p.m. until 1:45 am. It is the direct result of the two individuals working the front desk. One was a man with glasses and the other was a woman with poor interpersonal skills. This is tough because in the past I would have rated this place very highly. However, after tonight, I would no longer do so. My friend who was violently ill and dehydrated was told to wait and someone would be with him shortly. After watching the waiting room empty out and other people coming in and being seen before him, I began to wonder what was going on. I understood that his was not a life-threatening situation, so I assumed others must have been in worse condition. And many were. But after two and a half hours of waiting, when we approached the desk, one worker said that he had nothing on my friend and the other responded in a very unfriendly manner. She informed him that he would be next. When confronted with the fact that they obviously had forgotten him as his name was not even on the ER board , she had the gall to speak with an attitude. An apology would have been appreciated and sufficient. But giving us attitude to cover her ineptitude was the wrong choice. We walked out. It will be interesting to see if they send a bill. They're lucky he's more forgiving than I am. I wanted names and job descriptions and a call to the hospital in the morning. He is willing to let it go. Since I was not the patient, I have no foundation to call. But since my time was wasted, ineptly excused, and since I received attitude, I feel perfectly justified in writing this review. I would recommend caution and self-advocacy if one were to choose this hospital. As I have said, in the past they have been very good. And for the record, I do understand that people make mistakes. I make them often. But I have the professionalism, self-respect, and ethic to own up to it. If you are going into the hospital itself or encounter other workers in the ER, your experience, based on mine in the past, should be very good. But their situation should be acknowledged and communicated. (4 weeks ago)

I gave the ER a one star because I did get a room and an IV. Once I was in a room that was it. No one came to check on me and I laid there for an hour. I left as I could take fluids and lay on my own bed. The one hour and no care was charged out to me for over $6,000.00+ so the billing dept should get 5 stars I guess. (a month ago)

The ER at this hospital is absolutely AMAZING!!!! We are on vacation in Panama City Beach and had to take my son to the ER. (Kidney stones) Every staff member from valet to the nurses, Erica and Audrey and especially the doctor were beyond kind. We were in and out in record time!!!! If you have a medical emergency while vacationing (and I hope you don’t) Gulf Coast Regional is the BEST!!!!! (2 weeks ago)

On vacation down here and had an infection from my tooth, the most fastes service I have ever experienced even from my home town, they done a great job!!!! (a month ago)

I was on vacation from Illinois and came into the ER. Other than the fact of being in the hospital from the 18th to 21st on my vacation that was the not so fun part. From the first person who I came into contact with (Cole at the ER) then after I was admitted, (Debbie Ann, Colleen, Miles, Jessica, and everyone else who I am forgetting sorry about that) I was treated with the best care possible. Everyone was so caring and thoughtful and just amazing!!! Never have I seen such great care or experienced it in my lifetime. You all are amazing at your jobs! Thank you all for taking such great care of me. (4 months ago)

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