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Gulf Coast Medical Center Lee Mem Health System [CMS No:100220] is scientifically measured and assessed by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and is shown to ...

Gulf Coast Medical Center Lee Mem Health System is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lee County, FL.

Gulf Coast Medical Center Lee Mem Health System does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Gulf Coast Medical Center Lee Mem Health System is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I really have to say, Gulf Coast Medical Center is one the best Hospital I have ever seen!!! The minute my husband was admitted to the ER they performed all the tests necessary in less than 30 minutes... within the same amount of time he was examined by more than 3 doctors including the specialists β€œDr. D , the Neurologist.” I have Never seen a team so knowledgeable, prepare, efficient, and friendly. Then my husband was transferred to a big private room. We were there for 4 nights, they even brought me a bed!! I was so amazed of the professionalism and knowledge of the nurses and staff, thanks to all of them for being so understanding and caring... They were super friendly and made our stay more comfortable. I want to thank Dr. Husain for his patience, and the way he handled our situation, my husband and I are very thankful for all the information he provided and the way he treated my husband. We also want to thank Dr. D, the neurologist in charge of my husband case, we are thankful for all his efforts and for all the informative advices...My husband was examined by physical therapists, speech therapist, nutritionist, etc. This center had all the latest equipments and technology to conduct all the tests we needed.. The facility was super clean and modern...My family and I are deeply grateful for everything!!! I have never seen something like this, thank you all πŸ™πŸ˜ (3 months ago)

I was a patient of Dr. Curtis Caldwell as part of the Physical Therapy Department. He provided outstanding service. He demonstrated the exercises I needed to do and then carefully examined my execution of them. He made me confident that I was doing the right things the right way. I made remarkable progress in only 10 sessions. My pain was eliminated and my mobility increased dramatically. Dr. Caldwell is a healer. He guided me to better health. I recommend him without reservation. (5 months ago)

My mom spent 5 days in there because she has congestive heart failure..she was very weak and sick..the nurses there was very rude and the cna very lazy..i left the hospital to go get some clothing and once they saw my mom alone i was told she was treated horrible..her name was camilla she on the 3rd mom could not bend over to wipe her self she so my mom asked her to help she gave my mom a nasty look and said ill give u a towel so u can do it..they transported her from there to gainsville and didnt give her enough medication to last the whole ride it was her heart it ran out before the ambulance reached gainsville..i advice anybody if you can restrain from going there or taking your love one there please do so..horrible horrible services (in the last week)

Been there with my wife many times in last year. Health provider Medicare has spent 3/4million dollars to this hospital and with the notable exception of a few exemplary people we have found the staff to be rude and dictatorial. They should remember that it is the patient who pays their bills, and that it is the patient who they should cater to. Not their fragile egos. The customer comes first, you jerks! Yet they adopt a condescending and superior attitude that surely annoys and alienates the very people they are charged with healing. How sad, that this type of health care should continue. Shame on you. (3 months ago)

Nurses are rude and when you have an honest inquiry about a patients care will openly laugh and mock you. So unprofessional. (a month ago)

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