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1215 E COURT ST, SEGUIN, TX 78155
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SEGUIN, TX 78155

Welcome to Guadalupe Regional Medical Center (GRMC). Whether you are a patient, visitor, physician or community member, you can expect quality, compassionate and cost ...

Guadalupe Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Guadalupe County, TX.

Guadalupe Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Guadalupe Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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My wife went in tonight to the ER 7-11-18 for having a lot of pains and contractions due to her pregnancy. Long story short, the first iv that she was given she busted her vein. She then tried on the other arm and found the vein and not knowing she busted that one as well. Once she was done she left and then came back 30-35 min later and my wife began to explain to her that her arm hurts and asked if it was normal to have pain going all the way up to her elbow. The nurse told her that's normal it's just the fluid. My wife then told her no that it's not and her arm was rock hard and swollen. The nurse checked it and realized that her vein had busted and the fluid was going into her arm and not her vein. This hospital is a joke and always has a hard time doing there job! Their staff is either not trained properly or their all new kids out of high school still learning. We never have this issue at all going to New Braunfels hospital! (a week ago)

I can't believe it's taken me so long to review this hospital! I had my son here seven months ago with Dr Kirchner. She was always so much more kind to me andto my kids than any obgyn I've ever had. She was patient and answered all of my questions. I was induced at 37 weeks due to low fluid levels. Because it was so early, I hadn't finished my birth plan yet but it didn't matter. The nurses were so accepting of the few things I told them I wanted before we started that nobody questioned me about them again. After my son was born, pretty much everything I would have put in my plan was done as a matter of course. The one time I went to the ER for fluids, the wait felt long but I'm sure it was less than 20 minutes. Everyone was very kind to me and had me feeling better quickly. The ONLY "complaint" I would have is that I would have liked a second bag of iv fluids before I left. I came in dehydrated and left fine though. I'm looking forward to having any future babies here as well. (a week ago)

I have been in and out of this hospital with my father and my husband, and have been a patient two times myself. The emergency room staff is first-class. They are attentive and informative, and concerned with patient comfort and care. They are also very kind to me when I'm waiting with a family member, offering anything from blankets to food and drink. Dr. Gavin Moreland is the best ER doctor on the planet, I am convinced! He has saved both my daughter's and my husband's lives at different times. The nurses on the surgical and patient floors are all excellent. The rooms are spotless and the care exceptional. Even the hospital cafeteria is great, and I eat lunch here just for fun sometimes. I love this little gem of a hospital! (5 months ago)

This morning i took my husband to the hospital to get his leg checked out because we took him to pain management they couldnt do an exam on him without being in pain. We been with lack of sleep because this past week waiting on my doctor with mri no one is help him just based on wait they think. I never in my life seen a disrespectful staff just see your chart and assume your there for pain drugs and thinking oh they are faking it. They just handed my husband a cup and not say why they want some pee. I figure they explain everything like a normal professional doctor. But this hospital wants to go based on the past. I will not recommended this er for people. This hospital needs to stop basing people on their chart and try to make the patient and their relatives at ease. I hope the staff change and start feeling compassionate about the patients and their family. (2 weeks ago)

If I could give no star I would. This hospital had such a long wait. Every person that came to the window they showed an I don't care attitude. The guy behind the counter was more worried about eating his taco rather then all his patients in pain. Isn't that why they have a break room to eat in. Very unprofessional and should really look in to who you have working for you. I went to new braunfuls hospital where I noticed people from seguins waiting room here. We are all already in rooms while the poor people in seguin are probably hoping a bed opens up soon. Do not go here if you need help. They do not care. (a week ago)

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