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LA MESA, CA 91942

Sharp Grossmont Hospital, located in La Mesa, is the largest health care facility in East San Diego County and is known for its outstanding programs in heart care ...

Grossmont Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Diego County, CA.

Grossmont Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Grossmont Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Should be less Stair. The Hospital is having work done at 4:00 AM making noise and patients is not able to recover fast. Nurse are not doing anything to make workers to be quit. We have called and getting no response from the hospital. This is causing issue with my son that trying to recover. So if your family needs peace and quit don't go to Grossmount. (in the last week)

Waited for more than 10 hrs with no updates on what was going on. When I finally got fed up and asked someone for an update I received attitude. Worst ER experience ever. I have never had a bad sharp experience this is by far the worst. I get it ER are busy but 10 hr wait seems ridiculous to me. I work in the medical field and there is no explanation for this long wait. (in the last week)

As a Hospital, Grossmont Hospital has always been one of the best in town. BUT, I was very disappointed to learn their "POLICIES" for employees. NOT a Family Friendly place to work at all! We learned, Only the Employees with Seniority may have Holidays Off! So they have had their family holidays...seen their children gather Easter Eggs. But the Young Mothers and Fathers at Grossmont Hospital have to give all that up. The Young Ones are Not with their Children, their Families...Those memories are lost forever......Shame on YOU Grossmont Hospital. And Shame on those Selfish Co-Workers who will even stand by such a horrible policy. NO STARS FOR MANAGEMENT AT ALL! Hospital 5 Stars! (3 months ago)

GPAC is the most awesome place if you need care after a hospitalization. All the staff is friendly and ready to help. Very kind and compassionate, too! The environment was very welcoming! The place was VERY CLEAN!!! It smelled clean! Even the cleaning staff and the maintenance workers were friendly! We were treated with respect and were listened to! If we weren't there they called us. I feel like I just can't say enough. We've had some pretty bad experiences, so GPAC was like a breath of fresh air! THANK YOU GPAC STAFF! Sincerely, The Whitehead Family (2 weeks ago)

Would be less than one star if possible! There are two security guards when you first walk in the e.r.; One checks you personally for weapons and why you're there, while the other one goes through your belongings with his own hands. The one that goes through your belongings, was telling my wife whose a cancer patient, she cannot have any of her medications with her, after opening her weekly box because shes not going to be a patient and if she wants to be with me she has to put her meds in the car and deal with it. In the same breath he stated my wife should be at home or be a patient, not having gateway drugs for all in her purse!!! While she rushed back to the car i asked the guard what's the big deal and he responded that a guy came in high off drugs six months ago and shot the place up so they've changed their rules since than... E.R. was extremely fast as I got there at 5:20am and was treated with respect and concern the whole many hours of being there, until I was put into the hospital around 8:00pm into the second floor of the east wing I was told. I had to have hand towels and blankets on the entire floor of my room and could not even go to the bathroom on my own cause everything was soaking wet with no signs! Immediately the nurse told me I would not get any medicine because she didn't want to start a new chart because her shift is done within the hour and is getting off on time; they normally don't accept patients after 4pm so I'm someone else's problem and the fact I would not have a Dr until he came into the hospital tomorrow hopefully by the afternoon can order me meds.. I think I was being annoying with my screeches of pain because by midnight a different nurse was asking me if I'd like pain meds. By 5am I'm physically and mentally spent especially with construction and want to leave but after my wonderful nurse insist me on staying and has been leaving messages with the dr, she's sure he'll be in early by 7am and I'll be his first patient. 7am no Dr still on the second floor and nurse is about to leave and badly she still can't reach him. 10:56am i finally meet my Dr for 5min and he tells me the e.r. Staff was wrong and that he has five different theories but wants to know get a specialist to do either or procedures to see what's going on and why... He tells me the specialist will see me hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning and to stay on a liquid diet so I can get the procedure from specialist. Then minutes later the nutritionist comes in and tells me I have three options for lunch and none are liquid diet and it doesn't matter what the dr told me, the dr gave her those options for me and that's it or i doing get lunch or dinner! My wife went to the nurse station and asked why the food orders changed and if I eat any foods i can't get any procedures done; they told my wife they don't know what the dr says to us and the dr can't be reached at this time sorry! After 1pm still no sign of Dr and 2hrs pushing the call button for nurse still no nurse, so I want to leave. No meds, the Dr telling me one thing and doing another, can't see any nurses because they don't know where my Dr or nurse is at and I've been here coming on 36hrs and still not a definitive answer to what is going on with me. 4hrs goes by and I finally see my nurse and tell her I'm done, I want to leave due to lack of treatment and my only Dr is contradicting himself so what's the point. She tells me my insurance company is going to charge me every penny if I leave AMA and doesn't know what kind of hospitals i go to but it's common sense to observe for at least 24hrs without any tests or medications!!! In the same breath she tells me how close this hospital is to the city of El Cajon and that city has the worst rates with immigration and drug addicts so the hospital now observes the patient to see what type they are.... I have not been to this hospital in many years but a lot has changed for the worse. I'm recommending no one that I care about ever step foot in this hospital. Wondering what their statistics are on actually healing people! (in the last week)

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