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Greenfield Area Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Highland County, OH.

Greenfield Area Medical Center does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Greenfield Area Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Awesome, happy, friendly, and helpful is their staff. Have had two positive visits, thus far. Keep up the good work, Adena Greenfield! (3 months ago)

I cant say everyone there is awful, because the nurses made it easier, but the doctor was HORRID. She completely missed the fact that I had a ruptured ovarian cyst, and insisted it was gallbladder realted. She was condescending, unprofessional, and down right rude. (2 months ago)

Went to the ER for a poison ivy outbreak. Dr. Givens was on duty that day. My intent was to go to the urgent care but they were closed that and the poison ivy was spreading all over my body!!! Waited for 3 hours to be seen. I was very patient because I know this place takes forever!!! The staff was very nice and apologetic. Once I am taken back to a room, I waited another 30 mins for Dr. Givens. She finally came in, looked at my legs, arms, chest and face. Quickly came to the conclusion that only 2 spots were poison ivy. What!?!?! You're kidding right??? Almost my ENTIRE body was itching like you wouldn't believe and if you've ever had poison ivy (this was my first experience) you know it drives a person insane! It did me anyway!! She tried to give an explanation that didn't even explain the itching. I questioned it and she became very demeaning and I felt talked down to. I'm not a doctor nor do I claim to know anything medically related, but I do know that something was going on!!! Nothing was prescribed and I left feeling the same way I walked in, only very upset that I have to just "deal" with this. Woke up the following morning with even more rashes and decided to go to urgent care. It was in fact poison ivy and I was prescribed the correct medication to treat this. 2 days on the meds and the poison ivy is quickly disappearing!! If you live in Greenfield, avoid Adena and take yourself right to Roman Family Healthcare!! (a year ago)

You all are great.. Had to come in for lab work, the ladies there were so genital, in and out in a few seconds. Didn't even feel the needle go in. Boom done. Next was X-Ray, Rang bell, 2 mins later a nice gentleman showed up, helped me find my way. 2 mins X-ray done and boom done. It took all less than 20 mins. This included up dating my file which the lady in the front office was very nice, and didn't take but a few mins. Hillsboro would have taken 4 hours or more. I'll keep going back to Greenfield Hospital for all my doctor's need. Thanks, Merry Christmas to you all. (a year ago)

The er sucks the nurses was very careless (9 months ago)

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