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Greater El Monte Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Greater El Monte Community Hospital does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Greater El Monte Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My friend held her own urine sample for ten minutes. Red in the face, in pain (verbally), dizzy, and barely able to stand up. Her spo2 went to bellow 90 for awhile, nothing was done. Almost no help at all. Took her medical history TWICE, for whatever reason. Her machine was beeping for ten minutes before anything was done. Her machine said there was an air leak, something with the IV. Nothing was done until around when she was about the leave. She was in pain and breathing heavy. I should have never taken her here. And I won't be taking anyone, or myself, here again. Don't go here. (3 weeks ago)

Worst hospital experience EVER. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY STAFFS AND DOCTORS. If you are not on top of your care ones that are sadly in this hospital. The doctors won't do there daily visits nor do much for their health either. I had this issue occur to my love n cared one. Her visits from doctors were unsettling. They never had a clue who the patient was, were unsure what they did from the last visit and when they had to work with others around them. The doctors were not in great communication with eachother. I had doctors tell me over the phone they were with my loved one as we were speaking through the phone, while I was their next to my loved one. Just lies and LIES. THAT DAY I WAITED TWO AND A HALF HOURS TILL HE ARRIVED IN A RUSH. and other than that just a complete liar. Just rude. And hung up on me while we were on the phone speaking about life or death conditions. I Do NOT RECOMMENDED THIS HOSPITAL TO ANYONE TILL I AM SERVED JUSTICE FOR MY LOVED ONE. (4 months ago)

Worst experience I have ever had at an ER. Also the new security treated me like I was a terrorist, just because I had tinted windows on my car and they could not see in side. I was in a lot of pain and pulled up to the handicap parking (I am handicap) and in a very short time security came up to my car and started banging on my car with some metal object. There was like 3 or 4 security. One of them told me that I had to leave. I told him I was going to see a doctor. I was told to hurry up and that my car looked suspicious because they could not see inside my back windows. The check-in process was ok. When I was called inside the ER they told me to sit down in a make shift waiting room with chairs all around and one person in a bed (the bed was in the middle of the room (no curtains). After a while they wheeled him out. There was about 8 or 9 of us in a open room when Dr. Sammy Chan comes in and asks the 1st person what was wrong with them. I was the last one. I knew everything about what everyone's problem was.This doctor needs to learn some bedside manners. I wonder if any HIPPA laws were broken. Anyway, when the doctor came to me, I told him that I was in a lot if pain. He asked me if I had fallen, I said no. He said there is nothing he could do and then said to me, what, do you want me to give you a prescription???? At this time his rudeness had made me very angry, so I got up and left just to be harassed by security again. They forced me show them my wrist band. They wanted my name and dob. I felt like I might have been in a PRISON. OMG!!! I will never ever go to this PRISON type hospital again. Please go to a hospital where you can be treated with RESPECT. P.S The sign about voted best hospital. Must be a joke. Maybe the best hospital in South El Monte, cause it's the only one... (a week ago)

I’m very unhappy to report this hospital is not accommodating when it comes to parents who have to stay with their sick grandson was hospitalized recently and still there and they only allowed one parent to stay but also only fed one parent. They even had the nerve to offer mother to used a small plastic container to use in sink for bathing as I was a witness. However when I questioned the head nurse she said she offers a shower I the next room. It’s really hard staying in the hospital for 3 days but worse when staff doesn’t acknowledge your worth. Another male nurse didn’t knock at the door and walked in while mother was changing including laughing when could not locate child’s vein. It doesn’t matter if it’s a nervous laugh that’s not ok. I would of preferred CHLA over this hospital (a month ago)

This was probably the worst hospital experience ever. Not only do the rooms look like you are in prison, the doctors are even worse. They do not communicate with each other, and they are more concerned with patient turnover than the actual patient’s wellbeing. Do not come here if you want top notch care. The nurses can barely count to six to let you know when your medication is due. The doctors are condescending and have the worst bed manner. Again, they could careless for a patients well being. The staff doesn’t even look like they want to be there. Avoid at all costs. (4 months ago)

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