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A regional integrated health-care system. Includes information on the Great River Medical Center, a dialysis center, physician clinics, retail pharmacies and medical ...

Great River Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Des Moines County, IA.

Great River Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Great River Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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This is honestly the worst Hospital in the entire United States. They don't care about you nor do they care about your well-being. My best friend has been in pain for the last 3 weeks and during labor pain and they did nothing for her and acted like they did not care. Finally, after weeks and weeks of complaining she was having contractions 2 to 5 minutes apart which were documented on the monitor. They induced her. At this point when I drove 4 1/2 hours to see her. They decided that I was not allowed to bring my five-year-old in the room even when she was not actually giving birth to her baby. They made no exceptions nor did they try to even accommodate with this. She has no family or friends anywhere in the area. She is a single mom and is dealing with a lot of emotional depression. I can honestly say I hope this Hospital shuts down. THe worse Hospital don't ever come here they will be rude to you and do not even care about you, this is coming from watching my best friend go through emotional hatred from these people. And she is the sweetest person in the world (a month ago)

Maybe one time in my entire 25 years of life, I have had a good experience in this "Kevorkian paradise." The astounding amount of people that have died of negligence here really shows the staffs total disregard for the medical profession, and the oaths they swore to upkeep. Not to mention the fact they'll defend their irresponsible staff to the end. (2 months ago)

The hospital gets rid of dr.s that are family orientated. My gastro dr was the best ever. patience, and caring. Sits and explains and then does the procedure. He is an amazing dr and it's sad to see him go. I dont think right!! And I dont want to go to any other gastro there cus it's not the same. They just want to get you in and out. I dont want that. You will be missed!!! (2 weeks ago)

Absolutely worthless. Almost every department I’ve dealt with. Could have killed my son due to neglect, well because their nursing staff was “having lunch” instead of paying attention to him. During our stay they left the room filthy. Nurses were literally throwing trash and used Medical supplies ON THE FLOOR instead of changing the overflowing trash in the In-patient peds area, right in front of us. So unsanitary. I was running 10 minutes late for an appointment because I was caught up at my sons school and when I get there they tell me I can’t be seen because all the doctors in that office have a “meeting” at noon on a Monday. Sadly I’m not a doctor but the jobs I’ve worked, when we’ve had “meetings” it’s always before or after business hours because customers/patients are always first. I guess great river didn’t get the memo. While I was being told I couldn’t be seen after calling ahead to say I’d be late and they gave me the ok then the story changed when I got there, the receprionist OUT LOUD in front of a waiting room of people asked “well, are you having an actual issue?” Whether I was or wasn’t shouldn’t decide if you can see me right then or not and how rude and disrespectful to expect me to put my personal business out there in front of a waiting room full of people. Majority of the doctors are selfish, rude, and entitled. If the doctors aren’t that way, their receptionists certainly portray them as such. The list of reasons and details I could go into about how horrible this facility is is unreal. It’s too bad I have to even give them one star. This is definitely a 0 star facility. (3 months ago)

Traveling from Central Illinois over a few Saturdays, I was amazed how beautiful this facility is... overlooking a large pond with geese. The staff, both medical and facility staff were so very friendly. (4 months ago)

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