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Welcome to Grant Regional Health Center, providing exceptional health care to Lancaster and the surrounding southwestern Wisconsin area.

Grant Regional Health Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Grant County, WI.

Grant Regional Health Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Grant Regional Health Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Not really impressed at all. I understand they're in it for profit but I get the impression that it's all they care about. I'll drive somewhere else instead of going here if it's possible. (9 months ago)

I love Grant Regional Health Center! I have never had a problem with any of the doctors or nurses! (9 months ago)

If you a physically and financially able, no matter your health concern, driving to Dubuque, Iowa, Platteville or Madison, Wisconsin, rather than Grant Regional Health Center, Grant Regional Community Clinic, or having to the Emergency Care Services, will always give you the best chance of receiving professional health care. One month before my 80 year old Mother's passing (from terminal cancer that had been diagnosed during 14 years of care) she was seen by Dr. Sheirlie LaMantia at the Grant Regional Community Clinic. My Mother, I was informed, had "tired organs" and was just "getting old". The next day a visiting nurse directed me to bypass the Community Clinic and Dr. LaMantia, take my Mother directly to the emergency room, where within an hour she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, given the pain medication she needed, and thank God, given the hospice care necessary for the final 28 days of her life. If you, or someone you sincerely love becomes seriously ill, do not subject them to third rate, hit or miss, medical care so devoid of standards you literally place the life entrusted to this operation at risk. Even the Doctors who work at Grant Regional Community Clinic travel to Madison, Wisconsin for simple things like giving birth (Dr. LaMantia), or minor medical procedures (Dr. LaMantia), because they themselves will not entrust their own health to a facility so ripe with incompetence. And Grant Regional Health Center has never made a mistake, just ask them, they will tell you! I went to the Grant Regional Community Clinic in March of 2015 to have a splinter removed from my left foot by Dr. LaMantia. On the way home I discovered the foot was enveloped with a Staph infection that required 20 days of 6 hour inpatient antibiotic IV infusions to defeat the infection and save the foot, $10,000 dollars worth. 18 months later when Dr. LaMantia declared the tissue damage to the foot was healed, she again cut the foot, a second staph infection took hold within a half hour of the appointment, and I again nearly lost the foot. When I refused to pay for the additional damage caused by THE SECOND staph infection and complained, I was terminated as a patient (which was a God send). My story is NOT unique, talk to just anyone in Grant County who has been a patient of Grant Regional "Health" Center, and you will learn how poorly and unprofessional they can be, and how, when they do make a mistake, they vilify and dump those patients who are unwilling to take financial responsibility for the mistakes they make. I suspect many patients never live to even tell their story, so in a way I should be thankful. Be smart, there are professional and compassionate health care providers within an hour of Grant County in all directions, go there! (a year ago)

(2 years ago)

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