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GOSHEN, IN 46526


Goshen General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Elkhart County, IN.

Goshen General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Goshen General Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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After countless nightmare visits to KCH I am so happy to have found Goshen ER. They are so nice and very helpful! Great staff and great doctors, by far best Emergency room I've been too. Only place I will take my son or myself. Highly recommended! (7 months ago)

I went in to visit a friend and his nurses were horrible. He would press the call button and they would either never show up or after about 4 times pressing the button they would come in. They weren't busy in this unit. They appeared to all be talking or on the computer. He was in med surgery unit. I am an EMT in the Air Force. I also took nursing. The lack of work ethic and incompetent nursing abilities was very prevalent! I had to tell them to empty his cath bag. It was completely full of urine! I relayed that he did not need a UTI on top of almost dying from a staph infection, which the doctors repeatedly misdiagnosed and kept sending him home. His wife told me they hadn't checked his cath all day! First of all they are supposed to be keeping track of his I and O. It was obvious they were not. Improve on your hospital and its staff..because I would literally drive to the next city for competence and decent patient care!! (3 months ago)

I came in for chronic pain and they took care of me while I was there, but refused to send me home with a prescription. I feel like this, just because “some” people misuse prescription medication doesn’t mean that ALL people do. So if one nurse is bad shall I assume all of them are bad nurses? The Doctors today aren’t doing their jobs because of what’s in the media, and because of people who have addiction to pain medication. I suffer from chronic pain, I have Fibromyalgia- Arthritis, in several places- and have suffered for years without pain medication. I don’t do therapy or anything, I’ve learned to live with it. The day I decided to go to the ER was because I couldn’t take the pain and swelling any longer. The ER doctor gave me narcotic medication because I hadn’t had any, but she said she doesn’t prescribe it. All because of the bad guys out here strung out off it. How as a Doctor you turn the other cheek knowing someone can benefit from something but you deny them, because of the poor example of others that clearly had nothing to do with me. I think it’s absurd and against the law to deny me care. I keep a log of every Dr I see and every place I go, because I’m going to file a lawsuit, know your law and rights people. If something bad happened to me and a Dr knows that they could’ve helped me and didn’t because of some stupid reason, sue their ass. You will win. 95% of all cases against hospitals and Dr offices win if you have a good case and cause. I’ve won $25k in one. I have another ready for court soon. I know people right now who are getting all types of opioids and narcotics and they don’t have to put up a fight to get them. Some getting them are selling their pills, and it’s not right. I get to the bottom and build my case, and win. Elkhart County Dr. suck big time. You know of any good caring doctors, I’ll wait, they there to collect a paycheck and maybe taking the pills themselves. (3 months ago)


It is unfortunate that this is the only hospital in Goshen. There ER service is so bad. I was here on Friday for my son. He has fever that would not go down for the past two days and ear infection. Since his temperature wasn't going down. The doctor requested an x-ray for my son. He came back negative for pneumonia. They just gave him a steroid with moltrin for the fever and to "open his air way" (got prescribed amoxicillin at minute clinic for ear infection. A bottle spilled and got more out goshen hospital). Saturday night his fever still would not go down and he also broke out in hives. I thought that it would be the amoxicillin. So I did not give him any on Sunday. My son still had the rash. So I took him to the ER again (Monday). They had us waiting more than an hour to take my son to a room (It was not even busy inn the waiting area). Then the room was not even a room it was the hall way saying that they are supposedly "busy". Busy is when their are nurses hustling back and forth and hearing a lot of commotion. They don't know the true meaning of busy. When my son finally got seen by a doctor. He had my son tested for the flu and it came back positive. I was so mad! They should of done that on Friday when I went in with him. Instead they put my son to suffer. I hate Goshen ER. I hope that I do not have to go through this again. If I have to go to the ER again. I have to pray a lot. (4 months ago)

I recently had surgery there and I was very nervous. The staff accommodated all my fears and made my experience a little less scary. The staff and doctors I had contact with were great. (6 months ago)

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