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Good Samaritan Hospital Of Suffern is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Rockland County, NY.

Good Samaritan Hospital Of Suffern does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Good Samaritan Hospital Of Suffern is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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After the nurse Heather ( Brunette not the Blond ) gave the nebulizer treatment and my son received the xray I had to go searching for someone an hour later, left a message with 2 front desk staff and after I found her, her 1st word to me was "yeah" as if I'm bothering her. I wouldn't have taken my 7 year old with heavy cough and wheezing to a hospital if I didn't see fit. (a week ago)

Just had a TEE yesterday. Registration person was personable and helpful. The nurse (Mary) was incredible. She was very patient and explained everything in detail. Dr Katz was outstanding. He explained the entire procedure, and presented it in a very relaxed, professional manner. I was made to feel relaxed and confident about the test. Overall, very impressed. (6 months ago)

I cannot speak to the normal, scheduled doctor's visits and in-patient/out-patient services but the EMERGENCY ROOM services at this medical center are awful. This facility's Emergency Room is not only slow to respond (i.e. waiting around for basic triage), but it is not well organized and generated nothing but headaches once we left the facility. I had a very young family member with what turned out to be a broken bone whom I brought in to Good Samaritan's ER. It took the child over an hour to even evaluated by a physician and during that time the child was in pain because...they had a broken arm. Not only did the staff not catch the break after their evaluation but no pain relief was offered at any point and the hospital did not even have the appropriate supplies on hand to splint/sling a toddler. Ultimately, we ended up going to another provider immediately after leaving the ER at Good Sam and paying OUT OF POCKET for medical services due to the severity of the injury. For these services, not only did Good Sam charge an exorbitant amount for the service provided (thousands of dollars), but the hospital did not submit the services to our insurance company properly or within a reasonable time frame. Subsequently, they also tried to come after my family and balance bill us beyond the contracted amount of the negotiated fee(s) for the services they provided which is a violation of their service agreement to be an in-network facility for our insurance provider. They were also so disorganized that they attempted to bill us for the amount that had already been paid to them by our insurance provider and threatened to take us to collections for it. In addition to the lack of organization, they also do not support modern technologies such as online billing so you cannot check balances or make payments online. Everything has to be mailed in and it made resolving our issues extremely time consuming and frustrating. We actually had to get our insurance provider to escalate to their own professional contacts internally in order to resolve the issue - the confirmation of which we have still never received from GOOD SAM months later. I have friends that live in the area that have had very similar experiences with the ER at this hospital - sub-standard services provided, frequent billing issues and a long, drawn out process to resolve them. They avoid it and warned us to do the same. Hopefully this honest review is both helpful to someone in the area trying to choose where to get the best care for the service they need and also the administration at Good Sam. I hope they read this and the other reviews, take them seriously and make positive changes to improve. No one benefits from having to choose from substandard choices in the community when seeking health care. From what I hear they do have good substance abuse programs and in-patient services. (5 months ago)

I was seen immediately. I came in around noon on a Wednesday and was sent directly into triage. From there I waited only two minutes before I was sent to emergency room. After that I was seen by the nurse within 5 minutes. A woman came and got signatures and the doctor was less than 10 minutes behind her. The billing lady came shortly after that and I received a shot for my pain all within this short time frame. After laying for about 15 minutes the pain was gone. It was a short while before the tech and then doctor returned and I received my script and discharge papers. Id say I was in and out within 2 hours and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. A great thanks to Dr Ellerman, Kym, my nurse, and my Ed manager and tech J Green and Liz Wilson. By far the best emergency room service I've had to date. Hard act to follow. Thank you so much! (8 months ago)

Awesome experience, do not believe negative reviews, spent 6 days here, The ER is huge and very organized, hospital is immaculate, nurses are awesome, ER and hospital docs-amazing. Everyone is professional and polite, from the volunteers at the sign in desk to the dietary staff....P.S. the food is very good and the cafeteria has very good food. If you have to be in the hospital, go here.. (6 months ago)

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