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Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Suffolk County, NY.

Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Recently I went to the emergency room with shortness of breath and some chest discomfort. The initial staff were courteous and prompt in getting me to the small area in the ER where I waited for an HOUR with not one person approaching me to see if I was having any problems. I kept thinking surely someone will come and check on me but I was wrong. I was not hooked up to a monitor while many nurses and other staff passed right by me. Finally after an hour a very nice male aide asked if I had been seen. I’m sure he noticed my impatience by then. It was him who found the doctor I was going to be seeing and informed me he was 4 patients behind. After another long while I finally did see the doctor. Had the aide not spoken to me I probably would have just left. No one would have noticed and if I was having a heart attack I surely could have died with no one paying any attention to me for all that time. Now I’ll say as a health care professional myself, I am an RN , I was more than appalled at the level of care that I received. I will never, I repeat, never go to that hospital again. Thank God I am alright and being followed by my private cardiologist because all the PA who was following me kept saying she didn’t know why I was having these symptoms. I was kept in observation on 3 east and I must say the nurse I had there was excellent, caring and attentive. But if I could have given zero stars for this review I would have. (2 weeks ago)

Family member in the ER as I write this review. Parent goes in with teenager and whereas initial questioning to r/o abuse is of course done in private and is standard, once it is reasonably determined that the child (or anyone for that matter) has not been abused, the parent of a minor patient (if no objection from patient) should be able to be with the patient. Instead parent told it is "industry standard"(???) ... and will have to ask the attending for permission to stay with patient. Not having family present is not industry standard, this is merely an example of an ER culture which does not wish to deal with families of patients, this is demonstrated since one needs an attending to grant permission. Was hoping the process would get better for my family member but instead it seems to be getting worse. If the patient was not stable, I would have already called an ambulance (ALS if necessary) to transfer him to a hospital that I might be able to have trust in the medical care. This is NOT somewhere I would recommend if at all possible, if it is plausible and medically safe for you to find another ER you may want to strongly consider that option rather than going to this place which obviously has no desire to promote high quality standards. Addendum: Just looked below to ensure this wasn't a fluke night in that ER and saw your ER docs are contracted... that is fine, have had great experience with ER doc groups, but you obviously need to find another ER provider group. (a week ago)

Can I give 10 stars? My Aunt recently had neck surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital and the experience was superb! EVERYONE we encountered from the patient services desk ladies, the transport team, the imaging staff, the front desk ladies at MRI imaging, Imaging Services staff, Nurse Aids, Nurses, PAs and Doctors! EVERYONE was friendly, helpful, patient and thoughtful. What a great experience. Thank you for all you did to help my Aunt during her stay. (a month ago)

Came in via ambulance for hart attack. Was in a lot of pain. Staff was on me the whole time. Put in a stent and felt comfort right away. I think they did a great job in saving my life. Shame on all these people writing these bad reviews. They are lucky to have a hospital to go to. People Crack me up. If your not happy with someone then tell them. Don't Knock the entire hospital because you were some how inconvenienced Grow up !!. (a month ago)

My son was taken to Good Sam last night by ambulance. He was in an extreme wrestling show and got cut up pretty bad. The entire staff was wonderful. The doctor that stitched him up was so sweet and so caring she made my son feel so comfortable. I don't remember her last name but I know her first name was Brady and we called her doctor Brady. My son and I just want to say thank you to everybody who helped us last night in the emergency room. You are all wonderful. Thank you From the Musumeci family (2 months ago)

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