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Good Samaritan Hospital is a physician-owned organization comprised of two hospitals and an outpatient Wound Care clinic that offers advanced Hyperbaric Services. We ...

Good Samaritan Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kern County, CA.

Good Samaritan Hospital does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Good Samaritan Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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My girlfriend had heart catheter ablation for WPW. The procedure itself went well, though she had two complications: an allergic reaction to an intravenous medication they gave her and severe bleeding from the insertion site four hours after the procedure. Doctors: 5/5 - Dr. Levy and the other doctors were amazing. They did nothing wrong insofar as we can tell and communicated extremely well. Couldn't have wished for a better doctor. Staff: 5/5 - The operation staff knew exactly what to do when she had a severe allergic reaction. They identified it immediately, despite not having seen it before (in 45 years of experience, one said). The nurses were also amazing and saved her life when she started bleeding after the procedure. It was more blood than I've ever seen in my life, but they went into full-on pro-mode immediately, stopped the bleeding right away, and carefully monitored her the whole day. Hospital: 2/5 - The nurses are overworked. They're amazing, but they're over-worked. I overheard them talking about how frustrated they are with the amount of overtime they're asked to work and the number of 'add on' patients. Most of the nurses seem to get in around 6:00 AM or 8:00 AM and don't leave until 5:00 PM or later. It sounded as though 12 hour days were normal. This is unacceptable for both them and the patients. Because of the complications, we were also the last patient to leave that day and the poor nurse watching over us had to stay until 7:00 PM. I even saw one nurse close her eyes for a micro-nap late in the afternoon before going straight back to being super busy. I would give the hospital a much higher rating if not for the overworked (but amazing!) staff. (a month ago)

Had surgery here last summer- review is late, but I just had to leave one. I had to stay overnight. Top notch care. The nurses were amazing and so was the nursing assistant. (2 months ago)

I found nothing special about this hospital to make it so much more expensive than other hospitals. My insurance company called me to ask if something unusual happened during my stay because the cost was so unusually high. My out of pocket was ridiculous. The treatment was good. But, the billing feels a bit shady to me. Plus, I was charged for medications I brought from home. And there were charges I felt were completely unnecessary, but the billing dept. said that's an issue with my doctor. Unfortunately, the billing is with the hospital, so really that's a cop-out. UPDATE- I was invited to contact the billing department and then harassed and warned that my bill may actually increase because it has to be audited now. At no point was there ANY positive interaction in this follow up. (2 months ago)

Caring nurses with patience, and anesthesiologist Dr. Robinson was awesome. Check-in time was 5:00AM for a 7:30 surgery, with anticipated recovery room checkout at 11:00. Surgery went well, however the recovery area communication is abysmal. No modern technology is used to update patient status or 4 hour delays in check-out. 3 different folks stated patient would be ready in 30 minutes at 1 hr intervals. ALL were wrong. No access to recovery room patients, just wait in a hallway. Great Drs and staff, however hospital gets a 1 star due to poor communications and scheduling. (3 months ago)

Overall, this hospital has provided great services. The staff members are excellent. They are patience and extremely supportive. However, there is one RN in front when checked in. Her personality DOESN'T fit in. She is very obnoxious with her behaviors towards us. One thing though, if you are not wanting to work with people. My only suggestion would be work with animals. I wouldn't let one bad apple ruined my experience here. I would considering this hospital again for my next ER visits if problems arised. There was a gentleman in there he is very sweet. He had asked his team to gives my son toys and things to play with. Which puts him at ease while awaiting there. I would give this 6 STARS if I could. (5 months ago)

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