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Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Santa Barbara County, CA.

Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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First it was an online briefing for an at home hospital appointment scheduler on hangout. I thought I was going to be a video, but it was all through text, In less then an hour I was “hired”, then she said I was going to receive a check to buy flag. I felt like she used the word “trust” to often. She told me to contact an email that wasn’t the hospital, and that the hr team wanted the conversation recorded on hangout so she wouldn’t call me, then I requested her work email and she disappeared. Mean while I’m trying to contact this hospitals hr and security team to let them know, or at least ask. I called about 10xs and I left a voice mail. I’m over it but I hope they get the bad PR they deserve for this. Someone is impersonating a repressive of your hospital and some was trying to help. (a month ago)

5 stars to the ER team who took such good care of my mom today. Wait wasn't long and the staff was gentle, thorough, etc. Much appreciated! (4 months ago)

I had a hip replacement at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital in March of 2017. I could not have been happier with the whole experience. They put on a very informative seminar each month for those planning or even just considering joint replacement surgery, so I had a good idea what to expect before going in for the procedure. Everyone was very helpful and considerate, the food was really good and available whenever you wanted it like room service in a hotel, and I felt very well taken care of by the nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and the doctors. I can't say enough good things about my surgeon, Dr. Emmerson, and would recommend him to anyone with a joint problem. (9 months ago)

First off, Morgan is patient and answered multiple questions I had even though I had to repeat a few. I just moved into my own place recently, I don't have much experience with bills and the process of it. I am switching to a new health provider at the end of this month and wanted to follow up as to why I have not received it in the mail yet. She explained to me that they first have to send it to the provider and also the finalized cost. They are currently pending their response and should send a copy soon. Additionally, she let me know that my insurance already has the information so it will be taken care of. She shared with me that the process can be a bit tricky if it does not go through in time and some people have to pay out of pocket and to get reimbursement after may take long. I've read these reviews after my visit and was shocked & even scared. Maybe there are a lot of things that we are unaware of that we don't fully understand. However, I could not shake off the fact that those I have encountered directly are kind, thoughtful and truly genuinely concerned for my well being. That to me is the most important especially when I'm in such a vunerable state. I want to be able to trust who's taking care of me and I feel this way here. It was a very emotional experience for me because I felt the need to go to the hospital after falling off a bike. I felt silly for going in for something so minor, but was in so much pain. I was blown away of how well I was treated, I am very grateful to have stumbled to this emergency room. Thank you! 🤗 (10 months ago)

Beware Santa Barbarians. The beloved Cottage Health Company that is touted as a company that does nothing but good is actually the most evil company that could possibly ever exist in Santa Barbara, CA. This is a highly unethical CROOKED company that resorts to ILLEGAL tactics to shut WHISTLEBLOWERS up!!! This company took great pleasure in abusing me for over 8.5 years (as an employee and patient) until I had a complete breakdown, but they didn't stop there. They even continued their harassment campaign once my doctor placed me on medical stress leave. I had lost 60 lbs, my confidence, my hair and my health after experiencing retaliation for reported serous racial remarks made by my co-worker. I was exposed to highly illegal unethical misconduct for 8.5 years! I left with over 1000 pages of the documentation and they have broken into my home to steal my documentation in two different locations. I even moved to LA to get away from the home break ins, cars trying to run me off the road, doctors falsifying medical reports on my behalf, cyber hacking, phone hacking on every level, ecThe director started editing all 8 of my performance reviews and was caught. I also reported malicious rumors being spread about the sole black person in the office. DEAR COTTAGE HEALTH, why did you let the sole black person in the office get picked on until she had a complete break down? Why did I have to go into the office every day fearful of what my bosses or co-workers would do to me? Why did you guys look the other way and allow this harassment? How could you COVER UP HARASSMENT and stand by a man that states that blacks and mexicans are the worst smelling people on earth? You guys are the most unethical company. How could you assign even MORE work to an INJURED worker and have your Employee Health & Safety Department tell me that they are sure I can handle the extra work load (that was contributing to my injury) and the pay that goes with it. How can a supervisor be allowed to tell me that I look like a lollipop that needs to be sucked and warmed up and get away with it? How could this man call me into his office every day and everyone knew what he was doing to me and would mock me how he would request that I entered his office every day and would close the door the sexually harass me. Come on Cottage, give answers as to why your ethnic black workers are mistreated. Give them a reason why no matter what role they take on, they cannot get more than a quarter raise. This company BROKE INTO MY HOME while I was on medical leave trying to recover from the 8.5 years of harassment. They stole over 1000 pages of documentation of 8.5 years of abuses leaving behind false less damaging documentation. They stalked me using my google account tracking and hacked all of my personal and private e-mails. They paid off a doctor and had me falsely imprisoned in a psyche ward to diagnose someone without prior mental issues as "paranoid schizophrenic" so that everything they've done to me for all of these years would be overlooked. They have emptied every dropbox account that I hold that contained the documentation of what they did to me. I have a permanent lifetime injury BECAUSE of this organization, and they continue to meddle in my life though I am no longer employed with the company. Cottage Employees: Protect yourselves. Document the abuses using an execl timeline, and just know that they wlll log on to your pc to delete these logs and you can call ISD to hear that it is an error that they cannot recover. If you have damning e-mails with abuse, PRINT them and make copies and send it to loved ones because once you need the documentation, Cottage Health will stop at nothing to get it from you. That is the truth. Cottage H. is responsible for 9 horrible years in my life and I've completely lost my health. I have been away from your environment and remain sick because of your bullying illegal tactics. I can bring everything to light and I will as I have evidence from all illegal activities that you have committed against me this year. Leave me alone. (7 months ago)

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