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Glenwood Regional Medical Center is a 278-bed, state-of-the-art hospital located in West Monroe, Louisiana, that offers comprehensive healthcare services.

Glenwood Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Ouachita County, LA.

Glenwood Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Glenwood Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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They say you have to start off with something interesting if you want to get someone to keep reading, so here it goes: If I had a family member having a heart attack, and we were staying right beside Glenwood I would still tell the ambulance to drive the extra 10 minutes to get to St Francis Medical Center because I seriously believe that my loved one would have a better chance of living with those odds. I'm not saying this to be funny, but because I truly believe it. I'm not talkin about the doctors here I don't know them and didn't see much of them, but my grandmother surgery as far as the doctor was involved seemed to go well. I'm saying this because of the care they will receive for the other 23 and a half hours a day that there's not a doctor around. It is literally one of the worst experiences I can imagine anyone having in a hospital. I'm saying that's also because I want you to read it all before you take your loved one to this Hospital. Here is the whole story. My grandmother had to come here and stay for about a week. I could never find a nurse when we needed them. It was so bad that I literally had to leave the hospital a couple of times, just to cool off and gather my wits about me. I remember one time I came off the elevator and I could hear my grandmother yelling for help before I even got to her room. When I got into her room, she was laying on the bed in just her hospital gown with absolutely no cover and those rooms are freezing cold. She was crying and I asked her what happened. She said,"I spilled my water on the sheet and the Nurses Aide got mad and ripped the sheet off of me and left me here." I would have thought that she was just over exaggerating but the lady did not come back with the sheets for 20 minutes, until I had to go find her and get the sheets myself. Now I know what you're thinking why did I leave my grandmother there freezing for 20 minutes? I didn't I covered her up with my long jacket and waited just to see how long it would take because we had problems with them already getting her what she needed in a timely manner. To make things worse, she was there for an extra couple of weeks for physical therapy because she had broken her hip. My grandmother is a small lady and when they do the physical therapy they put this harness thing around the rib cage kind of under their arms and when they start to fall they use it to keep them up. One day about a week and a half into physical therapy, my grandmother started complaining about her back hurting badly. They took her down and X-rayed her and told us everything was okay. I thought my grandmother had just pulled a muscle or something. Well to get this story going anyway, about a week after my grandmother came home she was still complaining about her back hurting and it got so bad that even breathing hurt her. I took her to St. Francis Hospital in Monroe instead of back to Glenwood, and they gave her another x-ray. She had a compression fracture in her back in the exact spot that she had been hurting when they jerked her up with that harness at Glenwood. Of course I couldn't prove this happened but what are the odds and my grandmother's hurting badly and it happens while she's at Glenwood and then there x-ray finds nothing and she goes home, keeps hurting badly goes to a different hospital and their x-ray show is she has a compression fracture in the exact spot she was hurting at the first hospital. You tell me, you don't have to believe this but I'm telling you if you love your grandmother grandfather dad mom sister brother take them to Saint Francis because I promise that's the only Hospital we've been back to sense and it's not perfect but it's way better then Glenwood. Also stay away from The Guest House Nursing Home just a friendly warning I think most of the helpers they get fired from Glenwood go to work there. (a week ago)

I went to ER in severe pain, for which I have been under a doctor's care. My doctor is on vacation, and the earliest I can see him is a whole week away. Apparently there was no doctor on call, because I had to see a Nurse Practitioner. She met me in the triage room. I was able to tell her specific details about my problem. She was very nice, but the first thing she told me was that they couldn't do anything for me but give me a shot that "might" last a couple of hours. I gave the triage nurse a typed list of my allergies, current medications, and medical history. When I got to the exam room I was put in a chair (no beds in the room). Sitting is excruciatingly painful. I was not examined at all. The nurse came in to give me a shot, but couldn't remember what the medication was, and had to go out and find out what it was. She came back in and told me, but it was one of the meds on my allergy list. I gave her my list (allergies were the first thing on the page) and told her that I had given it to the triage nurse, but she said the computer listed "no known allergies." It was a very expensive shot, but lesson learned. If I or anyone in my family need ER services, we will add another few minutes/miles to our hour-and-a-half drive and go to another hospital, and hopefully we will be able to see a doctor and be treated appropriately. (in the last week)

Brought my wife here to be seen for postpartum problems. It's taking forever. Our 8 day old son got fussy and wanted to nurse. So she started nursing him, when two secuirty guards came in and gave us a blanket and slammed the curtain shut. We didn't ask for a blanket. And for them to do what they did was rude and disrespectful. Pitiful excuse for a hospital. If life or death means I go to Glenwood, I'm ready to meet Jesus. I'd love to talk to an owner, but probably not likely. (3 months ago)

THEY WILL CHANGE YOU EXTRA . This is not the one i went to , but it was by one of the dr.Glenwood represents. When I was at the doctor's office, I paid everything from the visit to the shot and they told me that was it I paid everything. 2 weeks later I get another bill of an amount unknown, Called to investigate they are slow to reply back. After 3 weeks replied back and told me they will take care of it, 2 weeks later I received the same bill again and I did not hear back from anyone who was supposedly taken care of this. I just went ahead and paid it, I don't want my credit to be messed up because of $56 they want extra. they even opened ER1 ticket in the past. when I called the operator and the person who took my payment was not interested solving the problem, they just want in my payment. so if you visit one of their location expect unknown bill, that they will not take care of no matter how nice they sound over the phone. (a month ago)

I went here Sunday 2/25/18 to deliver my baby. The over night nurse Britney was not very friendly when it came to me during my labor process which annoyed and stressed me out. I ended up having a c section due to issues with my baby's heart rate dropping. The food was horrible there nothing like I remember. Then no one ever came for me to do paperwork on my baby for his birth certificate or social security card I just so happen to ask about it in the day I got discharged. Even when I was brought my baby no one showed me the proper was to do anything in regards to his diaper changes the proper way to lift him feed him. I am a first time mom. Even leaving I thought hospitals gave you lots of stuff for your baby when you leave I received on super small can of powder milk. Only the diapers that I had used while I was there i was very disappointed at them I will NEVER have a child there again or go to that hospital again. (2 months ago)

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