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Glendale Mem Hospital & Hlth Center is an acute care hospital located in Glendale, CA 91204

Glendale Mem Hospital & Hlth Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Glendale Mem Hospital & Hlth Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Glendale Mem Hospital & Hlth Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I LOVE this hospital. Did I say LOVE? Cause I mean it!?! I recommend that everyone gives birth here! From my amazingly fast and efficient Dr. Joseph to the incredibly sweet and funny nurses (Barbara, Lois, Kelly, Im Jo, Fe, Luisa, Mia, and Joy)...not to mention the amazing director of Labor and Delivery April Fox! I love love love this place! I had a c-section delivery here about 12 days ago. I was treated so fantastically that I may consider having a second child. This coming from a woman who never wanted kids. They taught me so much during my stay and treated me so well. I plan on coming back month after month to visit these amazing ladies so they can see the adorable little man they helped me bring into the world! ❤️ (in the last week)

Updated review: They are over-billing and they are not complying with California law AB 72. After many missed calls and voicemail messages, I was able to speak with Michael Zane of the "Patient experience and quality outcomes department". Even after I told him that the hospital billed for an extra hour of surgery the insurance (I have the documentation because I asked for the transcripts of the surgery), he did not help. People check your paperwork for discrepancies. Also they are not complying with California Law AB 72 : the use of out of network billing is not allowed anymore, if the hospital is in network ! People do your research and read the rest of the review. They are asking for lawsuits now..... if there are enough people even a class action against them .......please contact me if interested. Prior review: In a summary: do not use this hospital ! I have been in many hospitals around the USA and this is the worst. Went for a surgery here because it was in network with my insurance, and that was my mistake. I checked the transcript of the surgery and I could see that they over-billed the insurance. Also, they use excuses like they have to use whoever they have available in emergency to perform some work, so that they have other offices out of network to bill you (I wonder if they have a kickback from that); for example, the insurance reimbursed 70$ for a simple pathology lab test. but they billed out of network for 700$, and the anesthesiology office billed out of network for $3500. After many months and many calls (and waste of time) back and forth with various offices and the insurance, they are still sending bills home to be paid. It has become a nightmare. My advice to you people, if you have used this place already, ask for a transcript and do check your medical bills with the services that were provided to you to see if they are legit, and if you have not used this place yet, use any other available to you. If you want more proof, just check the Glassdoor reviews that come from people that work there..... (a month ago)

**NEGATIVE STAR RATING** Terrible experience with all nursing staff who did not know what patient they were attending after 24 hours of being in labor. Have never heard of anyone being induced for labor and it to take so long. 24+ hours in the hospital to having to end up pleading to "Move on" to surgery instead (MIND YOU I BROUGHT THE PATIENT IN, I WENT HOME TO SLEEP, WORKED AN 8 HOUR SHIFT AN HOUR AWAY FROM HOME, WENT TO EAT LUNCH, WENT BACK TO THE HOSPITAL AND STILL WASNT APPROVED TO "Move On") and then the doctor not wanting to approve to move on til he said and nurses being extremely unhelpful to family members who stood by the whole 24+ hours tired, weary and misinformed.(HAVING TO PAY PARKING CONSTANTLY TO RELIEVE FAMILY MEMBERS IN A 24+ HOUR SPAN)To not be able to accommodate for the patients own mother to know the well being of her daughter or grandchild is inhumane. Please stay far, far, far away from this hospital from personal experience that I wish on no one else to have to go through ever... No updates and still unsure how our loved ones are doing, uneasy, no rest, stressful and terrible medical care. At the end of the day the nurses to say there was no way she could've pushed that baby out :-O! UNPROFESSIONAL MEDICAL MALPRACTICE! Negative Star Rating! (2 weeks ago)

The Hospital affiliated OBGYN practice is THE WORST IN TOWN. I Love Dr. Valdez he's an awesome provider but HATE his office and his staff. very unprofessional, rude, bad attitude, always messed up schedule, no respect for your time. There are no office manager or anyone who's responsible for this mess of a clinic. Very sad! (2 months ago)

I went to pulmonology i was treated with kindness and staff was curious. I'm glad the doctor did treat and explained everything I needed , say that he was professional and will look more deep into my matter,puts me at ease. I hope he does not find anything wrong with it. (5 months ago)

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