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Gilbert Hospital offers services including Emergency Department, Inpatient Care, Intensive Care Unit, Diagnostic Imaging, Surgical Department and more.

Gilbert Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Maricopa County, AZ.

Gilbert Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Gilbert Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday 1200 AM – 1159 PM
Sunday Open 24 hours

Location and Directions


Definitely not friendly. The receptionist was the only One that was polite. I am pregnant and was being seen for nausea, could not hold anything down not even water which is a normal pregnancy symptom and I was mainly concerned about dehydration. They ran some test and started an IV drop for me to get me hydrated. I was so miserable there because the lady I had working on me throughout the they stay was extremely rude. They get annoyed if you ask them any questions in regards to your treatment. Doctor was not very friendly either, came into the room asking questions and I answered them in a way I assumed he already went over my chart before coming in to check me. Nope he didn’t even know I was pregnant or anything or why I was there until I brought it to his attention which kind of scared me. Anyway I would never go back nor would I ever recommend anyone. (4 weeks ago)

I wish I could give them a zero right now! Their nurses they deserve a 5 for how well they treat their patients but everyone else can screw it! My mom has been puking for 3 straight days and diarrhea. They asked her a lot of questions put her on meds that made her feel worse and then she felt better for 20 minutes! Here’s the best part the doctor came in ONCE! Didn’t say a word just walked up checked her heartbeat and walked out. Not the doctor nor anyone came back in telling her what was wrong with her they told her NOTHING! The nurse just walked in gave her discharge papers and my mom by the way had no one to drive her home they assumed I could drive and I cannot, she took heavy medicine that made her dizzy. My mom walked out of the ER puking she came out with the exact same symptoms and no medicine to calm her symptoms. Great job Gilbert ER if you’re getting tired leave because treating someone like that is HORRIBLE. Now we are going to another ER to get some answers. (a month ago)

My wife had surgery today. I can not say enough good things about the nurses and techs that are a part of the team caring for my wife! Not only are they all very attentive, they treat both my wife and me with respect and dignity! (a week ago)

One the Best hospitals in Arizona. Door to doc in minutes. We were greeted promptly and lucky enough to see the man himself. Dr. Johns bedside manor and communication was above par. You can see the love and passion in his eyes. This is the real deal people. When you're in need of medical help, this ED or ER as some would call it. Is the fastest and most caring medical facility on Gilbert. I brought my pride and joy, my daughter in to Gilbert Hospital and as a father and a protective one at that. I would not take my family anywhere else if given the choice. From the nursing staff, techs and admin. This emergency center has it right! Trust. That's important. I've been coming here since 2008 (5 months ago)

Myself and my five children have been loyal customers of this hospital since the first day they opened and up until this incident I would have automatically suggested to anybody to go there for any reason regardless of the additional distance they have to drive to get there as opposed to a different emergency room... Unfortunately, that all changed the end of 2017. I went in for shoulder pain and I could not find any problem so they sent me home, a few days later the pain was worse so I went back again... Again, they could not find any problem with my shoulder and after keeping me for several hours, sent me home with absolutely no answers. The doctor didn't even come in to talk to me until the very end of my visit and at that point he stood in the doorway and basically just Shrugged his shoulders while he told me there was nothing wrong and started to walk out of the room. I yelled to him excuse me, what about my shoulder?!? He turned back around to face in the room again and stated that "it must be arthritis" and then walked away... Assuming the doctor must know what he's talking about since I'm paying them thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars for them to tell me nothing is wrong so again, I went home with minimal questioning to their answers about my pain.... 2 more days go by, pain is so excruciating I can't even hold my own infant! I have to call transport to go to the emergency room at this point because I can't even drive myself.... There is now a lump in the front of my shoulder about the size of a tennis ball! This time I chose to go to Banner Baywood, much longer wait time but sense Gilbert Hospital kept telling me nothing was wrong I didn't see any point in trying to go back to them again... In the ER the nurse came in and told me I had to be admitted immediately for emergency surgery because I had a giant cyst attached to my pectoral muscle .... They wouldn't even let me leave temporarily to make sure I had arrangements for my kids, that's how concerning this was. After speaking with the surgeon, I've found out that if Gilbert hospital had caught this weeks earlier on my first visit or even possibly on my second, they could have easily just been able to poke a hole to drain it but instead, since they continuously told me absolutely nothing was wrong with it and sent me home for weeks, I ended up having to get about a 6in dash put in the front of my shoulder just to drain this thing! Recovery time for the surgery was even worse, literally was about 4 months at least... 2 where I simply could not be fully functioning! Fast forward... Getting bills from Gilbert hospital now, I've tried to contact them. They've basically told me just to go ahead and sue them. They are charging me about $25,000 for the two visits where they screwed up and basically did absolutely nothing for me and are flat out refusing to even discuss this malpractice issue nevermind work with me on their ridiculous billing. Now, if they had found my issue, I would have no problem paying tens of thousands of dollars to them, but they continuously told me nothing was wrong with me and sent me home.... I recently found out they were bought out in the last year or so, I'm assuming that's where the problem came into play because I've never had an issue with this hospital before but obviously the new owner does not want to treat their patients appropriately or fairly. (in the last week)

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