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Gibson Community Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Ford County, IL.

Gibson Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Gibson Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Was told I was going to need emergency surgery and blood transfusion. When the hospital realized their mistake and I got upset (no yelling, yes some profanity), they had security escort me out and called the police. I am still throwing up blood. I had every right to be angry. They scared myself, family and most importantly they scared my children. My daughter asked if I was going to die. I am planning to file a civil suit against the hospital and specific staff. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL! The cherry on top were the racist slurs hurled at me by their security guard. (2 weeks ago)

Waited for over 2hrs for CT to be done. Only one other person waiting to be registered. ???? What's the problem??? Used to be a fantastic hospital . Used to be. Scheduling a procedure is a joke. (2 months ago)

Had diagnostic CT. Registration was quick, got in for scan fast and was done in minutes. The staff explained everything, told me what to expect and answered all of my questions. The CT room looked like NASA, with equipment at least on par and probably better than other major hospitals in the area. They were fast, efficient and professional. (6 months ago)

Had a sleep test done in October 2017. Gibson Hospital charges over $2,000.00 more for this test than you could get one done in Champaign. They said I needed a CPAP. Hospital sent the order to a company in Champaign that is not in my insurance network. This happened in December. I tried to get them to send It to a company that is in my network. (They know my insurance company, why would they think It would be a good idea to go out of network, unless they get big kickback form out of network company? Doctor says it is the hospitals responsibility to send prescription to the in network company. Hospital says it's the Doctors responsibility. It is now after the first of the year and my insurance out of pocket expense starts over. This means another $1,600 for me. The hospital sleep clinic and billing were supost to call me back a couple of weeks ago and they have not. My conclusions are: 1. I don't really need the machine and Gibson Hospital is milking me and the insurance company. 2. I really do need it, and they don't care if I die. 3. No one at Gibson Hospital cares about anything but the money. My final recommendation would be, if you are considering Gibson Hospital for anything, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. They DO NOT GET IT. (6 months ago)

Patient Experience: Patient Care -> Often Poor, Med frequency not administered according to Dr orders Floor Staff-> Extremely Under Staffed for patient load Rehab Staff -> Offensive Patient Registration -> Inaccurate Patient Discharge Process -> Chaos Grateful to get home .. never to return to Gibson City Area Hospital again! (7 months ago)

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