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Greenville Health System (GHS) is a healthcare network serving Upstate South Carolina and surrounding areas.

Ghs Greenville Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Greenville County, SC.

Ghs Greenville Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ghs Greenville Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I went to the ER last night at 9:45 pm. I was immediately taken in for a EKG and blood work. Then I sat in the very crowded waiting room 5 more mins and had triage and registration done. Waited another 30/40 mins and they put me in a very cold room, hooked me up to a heart monitor, takes to a nurse and Dr. had to wait till 1:30 for more blood work. They came right in at 1:30, drew the blood and o was good to go. My heart was fine. They only thing I would say is that I left with the same symptoms as I went in with. It over all my husband and I were impressed. Everyone was knowledgeable and kind. The place could of been cleaner but with that many patients coming and going it must be hard to keep up. (2 months ago)

If you want your indurance maxed out & no real results, go here. They love wasting your time & your family members time. They ALWAYS keep you long enough in the ER to charge your insurance for a FULL day of hospitalization. I work in emergency medicine & this place is a joke. It’s a miracle if you don’t contract a STD in the bathroom or MRSA just sitting in the waiting room. This is the truth. Do your research. GHS is LEADING the State of South Carolina in MRSA & Staph infections. Don’t take my word, look up the statistics. The rooms are not clean. Aseptic technique is not being followed. This hospital needs DHEC to do a surprise visit & since I have a friend at DHEC, I may be able to make that happen & save a few lives in the process. Do NOT do unnecessary treatments only to charge insurance. Medicaid fraud galore here as well. Letting all their dirty little secrets roll tonight. (a month ago)

This must be the most horrible Hospital. The ER is disgusting. Papers, Magazines, soda cans, used mask and many other item just all over the place. The bathroom was horrible as well. My husband and I went there because although we live in Greenwood, I do see two specialist for my condition, that only see patients there. To make the "long story short, we were the at the ER for close to 7.5 hours and when they put me in a ER room, we waited for 1.5 hours and no one ever saw us., not a Nurse and much less a Doctor. We left, because it was1am, and we figured out that they were not going to see me and if they did, it probably it would've been at 4am. Never again will I go there. (5 months ago)

One of the worst experiences I've ever had at an emergency room. My gf was perfusely vomiting everywhere and they would not get her some help right away. There were ppl walking in there with problems no where as severe as hers. The lady who checked her in and got her vitals was veryyyy rude as well. My gf told her she feels like shes about to pass out and this sorry of an excuse nurse told her well you shouldnt breathe as hard and maybe that won't happen. I was lividdd and literally bout smacked her!!! Then they say there's no rooms available and she is 8th on the list. Idc who you have in front of you. You should have taken her in 1st. This is why I went to St Francis downtown they had her in a room within 15 mins!!! (3 months ago)

Absolutely ridiculous. Arrived at 10 am. Security guard and check in persons were lovely. The nurse took blood and urine samples. Said 45 minutes for results. 3 hours later and feeling even worse we were told there were 6 people before us still. My friend told the front desk I needed to lie down. The girl at the desk said there was no room and that we could leave and a nurse practitioner would call with results and let me know next steps. No call. 8 hours later wcallede back twice and were disconnected. Finally got through and "Molly" states I can only get results thru the GHS mychart portal. No one would be calling back. I went to the results. She then said I would have to speak to her manager Chelsea because she could do nothing. Chelsea said she wasn't responsible for the incorrect information the desk gave us or what Molly said about the portal having info (even though she works for her). Had no ownership or empathy about the run around I was given. Didn't know if or when my results would be in the portal as her employee stated. Only said I could come to ER again (its now midnight) and wait my turn for results. Clearly communication between departments is poor and very little desire was expressed to change what is a travesty for patients experiencing illness. Chelsea was unsympathetic, unhelpful and uncaring. When I asked if phone calls were recorded so someone could hear this, she said no. Perhaps you should record calls and follow-up with staff on false information given out. I have to pay for YOUR mistakes and poorly executed management. If anything happens to my health as a result of your poor service and misinformation, it is on you, not me. I did my part and what I was told. Shame on you Memorial hospital. I pray no one else has to experience anything similar. Go somewhere else if you can. The attitude and mess there could kill you if you really need help. (6 months ago)

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