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Geary Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Geary County, KS.

Geary Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Geary Community Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Did not get treatment at ER on post, and I am active duty. Went to ER at Geary Community Hospital, was checked in and fully treated within 45 minutes. And they gave me 2 days prescription till I seen my provider on post monday. EXCELLENT STAFF AND FACILITY!!!!!!!! (2 weeks ago)

If I could give no stars I would . I was sent to the hospital due to the miscommunication from my doctor . All I needed was an ultrasound . Upon arrival I was sent all over the hospital because no one was sure where to send me . I ended up in the emergency room . They did my intake at which they asked me where my pain level was and took down all my info . I told them I did not want to be seen unless I was to get an ultrasound and they acknowledged me .Then I was put back in the waiting room where I sat waiting for 2 hours . Once brought in the unorganized nurses had me do a urine sample and couldn’t remember who had took it out of the room and came in asking if I had the sample . I proceeded to sit for four hours whilst listening to this woman force cough obnoxiously loud for 3 of them . Finally , the nurse came in and she did not know where any of the tools to do the exam were so I had to wait for her to get them. Luckily she was sweet because at this point I was ready to walk out . After doing the exam she proceeded to tell me “we can’t do an ultrasound and you have to go somewhere else “.There’s nothing else we can do other than check your iud which is EXACTLY what I told them I was not looking to do . After that was said and done she told me to sit and wait and she’d be right back with paperwork . The nurse never came back . I had to go out and search for someone and when I finally found a nurse I said “I’ve been waiting an hour for someone to come in with my paperwork “ and he looked perplexed . He looked like he had forgotten about me . Then within a minute he was in the room and Handed me the paperwork and said “you can go now”. (a month ago)

The service here is terrible I don’t know how they even stay open. They have no concern for you or family. My family member tried ending life they took them then sent them home couple hours later he suffered from seizure. Another family was found half dead in the woods due to the negligence of this hospital of not admitting her and when I asked to speak to the nurse she went in back and told the receptionist to tell me she was not available. My grandmother could have died do you think they care no. I have made it a point now when anyone is sick or in need of mental help I have to drive all the way to mahattan...give me a break shut the hospital down or start really doing your jobs 😢 (a month ago)

I could not be more disappointed with the level of service. I work in the Junction City Community and at times work hand in hand with the staff at the hospital. I brought my girlfriend to the Emergency Room where she was brought back into a room without a bed. My girlfriend was suffering from pain, which was literally bringing her to tears. My girlfriend told the nurse numerous times about her pain and not being able to sit in the chairs and it even hurt her to stand. I know the Emergency Room gets busy, but you think after being told of pain they would attempt to make arrangements to move her to a room with a bed in the over 3 hours we were there. To make things worse, after my girlfriend resorted to lying on the floor to relieve some pain, we later found out her complaints were not relayed to the doctor. I often stand up for GCH when people complain about the staff or treatment, but I am not sure I can do that with the service I experienced. It was an embarrassment to me knowing I work so close with this facility. (4 months ago)

Phenomenal experience from start to finish at the women's center! The entire staff goes above and beyond to make sure the arrival of our babies is perfect. The "WOW" meal provided before our dismissal epitomizes how they care for their patients on a personal level and want everything to be special! Needless to say, we will be back in the future as long as we are having more babies! (9 months ago)

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