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Garden City Hospital is your local resource for quality family medicine, cardiac care, stroke care, and much more. Learn how our premier health services can benefit you!

Garden City Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Wayne County, MI.

Garden City Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Garden City Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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A friends mother had to be taken out, she became more ill. A second friend had to take legal action when his in law became ill from an issue not related to the reason they were admitted. A relative had to remove his IV when the nurse tried to administer a medication that was dangerous to him. My two visits, horrible slow service in radiology had to leave and reschedule elsewhere. Last visit the smell of cigarette smoke heavy at entrance I used and the foul smell along the corridor I was directed to take needed to be addressed. This is a privately owned hospital. Not a member of the now vast Beaumont owned facilities. Some people three to be precise do like this hospital. A former nurse and care giver tells of the horror story situations that many of her clients experienced at Garden City Hospital. (in the last week)

I received great care at the hospital all the way from the emergency room to 2 South. I was a wreck when I arrived at the hospital. Everyone took such great care of me & they need to be recognized. I can't remember the er nurses, because when I came in, I couldn't breath. The nurses on 2 South were awesome: Cindy, Jude, Lucy & Kathy. The nurses aids were great too. Marianna was excellent, they all were great just can't remember all there names. I hope they all get the recognition they all deserve! Thanks to all for making me feel better including the doctors! (a month ago)

Quite possibly the worst hospital in Metro Detroit, if you want baby faced residents fresh out of a Caribbean medical college probing your body chastising you on how "eating well will make you feel better like them" come here. There is absolutely no empathy. This place is nothing more than a glorified clinic. Go to Beaumont for real physicians. (a week ago)

Tabathe-RN, Kim-Echo Tech and Dr. Frank are professional, caring people. They made me feel comfortable and answered all my concerns for my stress-test /Oxymoron. I would recommend Garden City Hospital for anyone. (4 weeks ago)

I am only re writing this review because I think they changed the doctors and nurses attitudes with people who deal with a lot of pain when they’re young. I was going to Beaumont Annapolis hospital for treatment but one night my mother had to call EMS on me because I couldn’t move, I was in so much pain and throwing up so much that she couldn’t take me to the hospital. I was greeted by a nice young male doctor who really listened to me, the nurses were very very sweet. This was at night between 9 PM and 2 AM. They did ultrasound and CT scan on my kidneys, I was having kidney stones again. They took my symptoms seriously, kept me hydrated and comfortable. I just wish their waiting wasn’t long for people in the waiting room who are dealing with a lot of discomfort, because when I left the whole waiting room was filled up. The waiting inside the ER/beds wasn’t too bad, waiting for tests was long. Other than that, it wasn’t too bad of a visit because the doctors and nurses were very kind to me. That’s the way it should stay, nobody should be treated like a criminal because they have pain. Hopefully it’s the last visit for a while, because I hate being young and having a lot of chronic illnesses. It’s not my fault, thank you to the nurses for keeping me comfortable and nausea free. (4 months ago)

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