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Access 24 HR emergency services at our Fulton County, PA health clinic. Our medical center serves McConnellsburg and the Fulton County area. Call today!

Fulton County Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Fulton County, PA.

Fulton County Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Fulton County Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My daughter had an emergency appendectomy. It was the neatest and smallest incision and she healed quickly. Your results may vary depending on who's on duty, but I was very grateful. Too bad you still can't deliver a baby at the Center. (7 months ago)

My mother's cardiologist is here. Dr. Mandak is an excellent physician. The nurses and staff are very friendly and helpful. We haven't had any problems with any staff member or physician at this facility and we drive from Carlisle to this facility (1.5 hr drive) for my mother's appointments. (7 months ago)

I had to get an MRI and I was nervous about it but an angel named Angie was kind & patient and she talked me through the whole thing. I would definitely come back, everyone was vary professional and I had excellent care. (9 months ago)

Completely unprofessional!!! I recently went to the Specialty Services. The rude associate loudly announced my condition I was being seen for in front of a room full of patience. I was completely mortified. This is not uncommon, I have been in the waiting room several times to hear associates announce “You are being seen today because” and announce their ailment. This is personal information!!! My family and I also have had to deal with rude nurses/doctors at the ER. If I acted in such a manner in my profession I would no longer have a job. (a year ago)

As health professionals one should practice on evidence based practice. NOT OPINION BASE~ POOR OUTCOME. Dont Stereotype . Be diplomatic when ask questions. Don't assume or accuse individuals of utilizing illegal drugs,when they clearly have suffered from head trauma/ concussion. As stated by one of your professionals, you have a heroine epidemic. Unethical practice. to interrogate your patients and make accusatory accusations of such.Be able to identify the difference between head trauma / concussion and drug use. While you are assuming it is every second you are negligent in treating the patient. A Concussion can be life threatening. I Suggest ongoing education especially with signs and symptoms. For every second matters in treating the patient for a good outcome. Always remember the patient's are what keeps your doors open. I am quite concerned about a statement made by a professional. As stated," Since you are a nurse why didnt you tell the doctor you had a concussion.?" Hypothetical Answer, I am concerned how the individuals without medical knowledge are diagnosed and treated. Patient's should feel safe in knowing that their provider is an expert in their field. Being a patient advocate I have suggestions: Id highly advise to have a standard questionaire for all people to answer a health history and add the illegal drug use section since you have reported to me you have an epidemic of recreational drug use. It was stated to me by one of your professional," Utilize evidence-based practice to diagnose and treat, not by opinions. Educate the patients in regards to your plan of care. Include the patient and family members or friend in on the plan of care for a better outcome. Have the registered nurse or doctor provide patient education upon discharge, not just by a print out. Not all people understand Health Care Management. Also not all people can read and understand the medical jargo.We are to prevent health issues. If a patient doesn't understand their discharge instructions, it is your negligence for not teaching. Before do tests, explain the rationale.Then follow up with results. Medical Professionals Are Obligated To :Provide patient-centered care - identify, respect, and care about patients’ differences, values, preferences, and expressed needs; relieve pain and suffering; coordinate continuous care; listen to, clearly inform, communicate with, and educate patients.Employ evidence-based practice - integrate best research with clinical expertise and patient values for optimum care. Identify errors in care; Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a concussion Symptoms of a concussion vary The signs of a concussion may include: Memory problems confusion drowsiness or feeling sluggish dizziness double vision or blurred vision headache nausea or vomiting sensitivity to light or noise balance problems slowed reaction to stimuliThe symptoms may begin immediately, or they may not develop for hours, days, weeks, or even months. Signs to look out for irritability balance issues loss of coordination problems walking seizures draining of blood or clear fluid from the ears or nose unequal pupil size abnormal eye movement lasting confusion slurred speech repeated vomiting brief loss of consciousness after the injury an inability to wake up ,Doctors opinion/ beliefs hinder patient care, Informed Consents, Patient's right to state whom you can speak .To discharge a patient W|O results of CT scan is negligence.The patient could have a bleed related to the head trauma. The patient shouldn't have to call the next day for CT results. A patient with a concussion may experience light sensitivity. If patient ask politely not to flash the bright light in their eye again. Please don't . You can cause Seizure activity. Also offer to dim the lights in room and decrease the noise. Upon discharge the patient utilize the wheelchair to assist them to their car~ Do the Glasgow head trauma assessment . Follow the ethical standards of practice for head trauma/ concussion. Patient's are your responsibility to provide quality care. (11 months ago)

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