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Photo: Frye Regional Medical Center

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Frye Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Catawba County, NC.

Frye Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Frye Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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I would like to take the time and say THANK YOU to all the absolute wonderful doctors and nurses at FRYE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER. I am well aware of plenty of horror stories that have happened but my friends that is anywhere you go. My Ninaw continuously bragged at how well she was treated and I witnessed the love and compassion first hand. From x-ray techs, lab workers, housekeeping, nurses, food service and doctors. We honesty did not meet anyone that made us feel uncomfortable. This type of care really helps ease the worrying family's while our loved one heals. (a week ago)

My mother in law was admitted to the ER last PM at Frye for a broken hip. Everyone was kind, thoughtful and skilled. I am a nurse who works an hour away at a major medical center. The man at the front entry was very kind and helpful also. I found the waiting room quite comfortable. Parking facilities were nice and close. Might suggest some signage about the hospital near the major roads as we had no gps with us. Thanks. (2 months ago)

I had a traumatic experience at this hospital. First of all the cleaning staff took important papers off my bed which I was never able to get back. Very poor cleanliness on hall where I stayed, consisting of public seats that aren't cleaned, publicly used telephones that aren't cleaned and one patient threw up and it was just covered with paper towels until the cleaning staff could come. The lab technician did not know how to draw blood and did not have the proper set up for blood draw either. The Doctor was dishonest with me about my treatment. The food was disgusting. One day they served fermented cantalope. The snacks were very unhealthy and consisted mostly of white sugar. and flour. Sugar is a poison and should not be served as a snack in a hospital. It causes diabetes. There was not proper privacy either for most of the patients. Fry's corporate office is in Alabama. I am not surprised. It took me several months to recover from being hospitalized here. I would never go back. (2 weeks ago)

I would advise anyone and everyone to steer clear of this place. I was kept in the inpatient behavioral health building for almost two weeks without my consent. I repeatedly asked to be informed of what judge signed the order and the legal process involved in involuntary commitments, but got no answers. The place was filthy. There were ants all over my room, and black mold on the heat/air conditioning unit in the common area. Within a day or two of being admitted, I developed sores in my nose that would bleed when I blew my nose every day. Although I was never rowdy with anyone, I was on "unit restriction" almost the entire stay and was not allowed to leave the unit for meals or to go outside with the other patients. The reasons behind this were never explained. I also saw some alarming things concerning other patients where one patient yanked the chair out from under another patient, causing her to fall and hit her head. She was supposed to be transferred to a head injury unit, but that never happened. As if all this was not bad enough, upon receiving my belongings, I discovered that a pair of earrings, with substantial sentimental value was missing. I hope whoever took them got a lot of enjoyment from taking my things. Take my advice and avoid this place; better yet, I would avoid Hickory, NC altogether. (a month ago)

This is a very good Hospital, they care for everyone that has need of care. It's first come, first serve, be still and wait, you will be seen when it's your turn to be seen. The Hospital Staff deal with thousands of people daily. If you wait, they will show you that they care. They are very professional. (4 weeks ago)

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