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Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Milwaukee County, WI.

Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I found the staff to be very attentive, timely and also caring professionals that provided care and services to my Step Father. I like to extend my Thanks to the Oncology team, Triage Nurse that was contacted one night that had given directions with medical care needs. The Emergency room Staff for their prompt service given and the Advanced Care Unit staff that provided the care/ services to him as well as addressed my mother's questions and gave her information related to his medical care/ condition (3 weeks ago)

I went to Froedtert after another health system let me drag on with C Diff, a highly contagious super bug. My GI saw me & admitted me on the first appt. I was in Froedtert five days, and ended up having to be readmitted when I had a recurrence about six weeks later. The GI doctors were excellent. I did have an incident with one nurse on the first stay. I told her my IV hurt and my arm was swelling. She taped it tighter. When it became unbearable and I insisted it was huge, she finally looked at it, yelled “Dear God” and stopped the IV. I was receiving bicarbonate fluid, not just saline. She did the opposite of what was supposed to be done according to the IV team, and by then it was too late. They had to mark the swollen area and put pictures in my file and told me that it may cause lasting damage to the vein and/or tissue. The other nurses, and especially the nurses on the second stay, were wonderful, as was the hospital doctor, Dr. Cobb. She was very kind and an excellent doctor. Billing is a disaster. I see by other comments I am not alone. I received very inconsistent answers. I was left with a large balance after insurance because of all the treatment. The first rep told me if I had more than $5000 I didn’t qualify for any assistance. I found out later from other reps that was not true, and two encouraged me to file for some assistance because of what I owed. I was waiting on that paperwork and that same first rep called the day before Thanksgiving, again telling me the incorrect information regarding the $5000 threshold, and demanding that I set up a payment plan. I was so frustrated I called back and asked for a supervisor who verified the $5000 was not correct and that any assistance is determined by a different department. She told me she was going to pull that phone call and listen to what I was told so she could address it. She also sent me the assistance forms because they were not sent, and all of this of course caused a big delay. I finally got the forms, and within a week got another bill and another phone call, and that rep told me I could be sent to collections. I don’t think you can send an account to collections if the person is appealing and asking for a review of the account, especially when the process was delayed because the first representative gave incorrect information. I sent in the forms as quickly as I could, but being told it could go to collections I called and asked for the supervisor I had previously spoken with. She was not available so I had a different supervisor. She called the office that reviews these applications and said it wasn’t even entered into their spreadsheet, and said she would call me back. She never did. I waited a day and called her back because I didn’t want this in collections. Her attitude had changed and she sounded irritated and told me she hoped I had made copies of everything and that she was planning on calling me back after checking on it again, but that this other office didn’t have it. She told me to email everything, which is crazy and asking for identity theft, sending all of your personal information to another office, and not even given a name of someone to send it to. This supervisor again said she would follow up, but again didn’t. I finally gave up realizing I was not going to get anywhere, called and asked about a payment plan. The rep offered four months, which would be astronomical, and I told him I thought it was 12 months. I am adding an edit as this nightmare continues. This month alone I got three bills with different amounts. They added another $1500 to the total with no explanation, charged my cc for a thousand more than they should have, and an hour and a half with a supervisor brought 9 totals, all wrong. I don’t know if the state can help, but this is insane. (in the last week)

Go elsewhere seriously. Save your sanity. The REVIEWS are SPOT on. Do a simple search and READ first. Went and found out myself first hand. Horrible experience. Please don't bother to reply David (automated). I've already called your HOTLINE only to get a longer run around. No thanks from me. (a month ago)

We waited 6 months before they would schedule an appointment and another month of waiting for that appointment after it was made. After those 7 months of waiting, it was cancelled the day before. The only reason we got in at all was because someone in a higher position listened and fit us in. After arriving for a minor surgery, and after 7 months of waiting, we were told they don't want to do the surgery and told to see a physical therapist instead. This wouldn't have been such a problem if there hadn't been so many painful months of waiting before being told they wouldn't do anything. The scheduling and management of this hospital is abysmal. (2 months ago)

Medical Physics / Radiation Oncology department has toxic and chaotic leadership. Bullying, threatening, ridiculing postdocs, researchers and other workers is quite commonly practiced. It's a miracle that the hospital doesn't realize and take action towards the malfunctioning leadership. The research positions are given to a certain ethnic minority only to create a dynasty. No one, including foreigners, can understand their English. Professional mentorship is missing. I wouldn't even wanna be a patient in an institution being run by such unprofessional people . Stay away for your mental stability! (2 weeks ago)

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