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Frisbie Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Strafford County, NH.

Frisbie Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Frisbie Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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This review is also related to billing. This hospital decided to wait over 7 months to send me a bill, let bills accumulate, and then compounded it into one bill and demanded immediate payment for thousands of dollars. There was no warning given about this situation, and it's absolutely insane. I could've afforded to pay my bills if they rolled out one at a time, preferably on-time, but now that it came all at once and as a single bill, I have a problem. Goodbye Frisbie. Hello Wentworth. Edit: Enter mid-2018. This review was from early 2018. I'm still getting bills from these people and it makes no sense. I don't deal with this system anymore. I may need to take this to legal territory. (a week ago)

If I could give it - 10 I would. Had surgery and though the surgeon was great, the hospital staff was not. I would tell you the ER is fine unless you are getting admitted. Any chance of a hospital stay, do not choose this hospital. I would seriously recommend that you got either Wentworth Douglas Hospital or the Portsmouth Hospital. I have flashbacks of being there and none of them are good and usually end up crying. I did a lot of crying there, my surgeon has dropped them in favor of the Portsmouth Hospital. Please choose any other hospital but this one. (2 months ago)

Been here several times giving this TERRIBLE hospital several times for a chance for something good to say. Yesterday was the icing on the cake. Thought I was having a heart attack yesterday morning. Since my doctors office was closed I JUST wanted to go to the hospital to get my blood pressure taken. If I was having heart conditions I would of signed in. They refused to do as something as little as take my blood pressure without me signing in and ripping off my insurance company. I had several issues with the very rude staff that rolls there eye, dr don't even examine you then you get a huge bill in the mail for things you didn't even do. Then talk about filthy environment. Several times I've seen blood on the counters, floor and sheets that wasn't mine. OSHA really need to thoroughly examine this hospital. Honestly can I get any worse? (4 weeks ago)

Excellent ER visit the other night when I had severe breathing issues stemming from the allergy combined with my asthma. I ended up taking myself as I was already out and the intake person was very quick to get the nurse while putting my information in as this was my first time. I've never had such speedy service even at Exeter Hospital or other medical facility in the past. The whole process from start to finish was in less than an hour to go home. In that time I had multiple nurses, ER doctors and respiratory doctor help me with my breathing as if I was practically dying (which I was more than fine breathing on my own even though my O2 level was low). In either case, I was able to go back to work the next day with some oral steroids in the system and wanted to leave a review for such wonderful and helpful experience. I've never been out of ER in less than half an hour. There was not even five minute between someone coming in, prescribing the meds, getting the albuterol to getting me discharged. I'm planning to establish care here moving forward. Thanks again! (in the last week)

This Review is for their Billing Department Only. Dec 22, 2017 I received a bill for them for services received in March of 2017. WHY did it take more that 9 MONTHS for them to send me a bill? They say they "updated their billing software"..... WOW! Very disappointed in their efficiency. If this is how they take care of their billing - I can only imagine how they take care of their patients. My service was for the Ambulance - that took me to Dover. I have to say that the service provided by the ambulance was Excellent. (5 Stars for them!) (4 months ago)

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