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French Hospital Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Luis Obispo County, CA.

French Hospital Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

French Hospital Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Finding out I was pregnant shortly after moving from Los Angeles to the Central Coast was definitely life throwing a curveball at us. I didn’t know what kind of medical attention I would receive out here. We were unexpectedly turned away from Sierra Vista the day I was scheduled to have a C Section. Fortunately French Hospital welcomed us last minute and it couldn’t have gone any better! Our experience was perfect from the moment we walked in. Everyone was so kind! Thank you! (a month ago)

Sitting in a chair for awhile now. No beds so I get to sit here, for an unknown time. (in the last week)

Could have been better but very pleased with the care for my mother (a month ago)

.When people around here told me not to go to hospitals in this area; I didn't believe them? I had faith in my Dr. Who was excellent. Dr. Fow.......... I had an absolute horrible experience there! The pre op was excellent! but post was a NIGHT MEAR !!!! I HAD TO CHECK OUT THE VERY NEXT DAY. THE FACT THAT PEOPLE ARE THAT CALLOUS AND IGNORANT IN THE HEALING INDUSTRY.????? They put me in a room w/ the TV blaring! .The room mate needed to have her phone taken away.!! and how many people are aloud in a room? She must of had her whole family there.Bunch of rude hillbillies! The women next to me had something, They were not sure what it was? I heard that. They would get back to her when they knew. Complications of pneumonia. The tubes going to her lungs, ? I HEARD ABOUT THE WHITE BLOOD CELLS AND THE INFECTION ON GOING!!!!!!! Only being a few feet away I heard every thing!! They admitted it was one of the NOISIEST rooms, being next to the entrance doors.I realize the day nurse that was assigned to me had too many patients. Thats just BAD MANAGEMENT! The management are too cheep to care and too Callous. THERE WAS ONE SMALL SPACE HIGH UP ON THE WALL FOR FLOWERS? Hard to see them. THEY CAN'T EVEN GET THE ROOMS TOGETHER. The grave yard nurse did meet my needs.She was FOCUSED, PRESENT ATTENTIVE, .EXCELENT! I MISSED HER. And I could sleep a bit,but the day shift sounds like a full blown party! Loud laughing, Circus like. My Roommate was on the phone a lot..So many people in the room, They could have shut my drape, but no. THE FIRST DAY I HAD A HARD TIME GETTING drinking WATER, AND ICE FOR MY WOUND. I asked for water 3 times. It took 1 1/2 hrs. to get it! When your hip gets replaced you do need ice on it. My ice pack was room temperature when I woke. After throwing up all day after surgery.WHERE WAS THE NAUSIA MEDS? I was told breakfast is at 7:00 am. It did not come till 8:30 or 9:00 . I waiting to see if I could keep it down? I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO GET MY BLOOD SUGAR UP BEFORE P.T. AND OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SHOWED UP. BREAKFAST WAS SO LATE!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG W/ THE KITCHEN?????? THEY COME IN W/ THESE BIG SMILES, I JUST WANT PEOPLE THAT ARE FOCUSED, and PRESENT! HAVE SOME INTEGRITY!!!!AROUND ME, WHEN I'M IN A HEALING CRISIS. Occupational therapist came shortly after that and wanted to get me up. I told her I was hungry. She offered some crackers, Which was like paste in my continuously dry mouth. I could not swallow them. WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND WOULD OFFER ME DRY CRACKER, WHEN THEY WORK IN THAT FIELD YRS. AND ARE WELL AWARE THE MEDS MAKE PATIENTS MOUTH DRY! She was A real treat!!! I tried to get up and broke out in a sweet felt like passing out. I needed to eat more than a bowl of cream of wheat. IT HAD BEEN 2 DAYS SINCE I HAD EATEN. The P.T. came , I told her I was hungry and needed protein.She got me yogurt brought me a menu, THE P.T .ALSO DOUBLED MY ICE PACK. WHICH HAD BEEN NEGLECTED THE DAY BEFORE FOLLOWING SURGERY. I WAS IMPRESSED! I ASKED TO GET A DIFFERENT NURSE, REALIZING I WAS ON THE BACK BURNER , NOT GETTING MY NEEDS MET. THEY DIDN'T RESPECT MY WISHES. I ordered lunch FROM A FRIENDLY GUY, NOT FOCUSED THOUGH! It sounded good, BBQ chicken. It was like eating rubber. WHO CAN'T COOK CHICKEN???? I forced a few bites down knowing I needed protein. I told them I love potatoes any way there cooked. Please! it's my comfort food. He said he would bring me potato salad. No POTATO showed up .Disrespect for the IRISH! just dry broccoli. I had to check out 2 days earlier than my Dr. ordered. I couldn't take any more abuse!!! That hospital is the farthest thing from healing. All there Art on the walls of the main entrance: regarding compassion and healing is a lie. Be honest your CALLOUS! ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY. I REALY FEEL SORRY FOR THE INURED VETERANS. IT'S HARD FOR THEM TO SPEEK OUT AFTER DEAD! (6 months ago)

My love's recovery from heart surgery was the best experience I've ever had at a hospital. The team was attentive, gentle, caring and human. Thanks especially to Chris, RN in ICU, for going above and beyond to keep him comfortable, explaining things and making us laugh. You are a true master of care taking and healing. We will be forever grateful! (a year ago)

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