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Franklin Regional Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Merrimack County, NH.

Franklin Regional Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Franklin Regional Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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This hospital is really only made up of various over booked Dr offices. My daughter goes to the pediatric Dr there and as a new mom its important that you feel like you can ask questions as simple as what can my child have for lunch? But there seems to be no time for questions. On top of that the lab is not a place i would ever bring my 1 year old but when she needed a blood draw i thought i would give them a try because we were already there. Bad idea. The woman who tried to draw my daughters blood used a pretty big needle and then fished around in my 1 year olds arm like a junky ( no disrespect to people with addiction problems) looking for a vein for a fix. The other woman in the room didnt do much to help Other then decline the offer from the woman trying to do the blood draw when she said "here you wanna try". Also when i asked the size of the needle i was told it was the smallest they had (it was an adult size) . End result no blood for the lab. So i took my daughter to LRGH where she was born and first try and a smaller needle they got a sample for the lab and even had a nurse make faces at my daughter to distract her. I think the only reason franklin can say that they are is a hospital is because they have an ER which is also pretty unprofessional and none too undertanding. I could probably continue with why but i think you get the picture. (4 months ago)

Horrible service and are very slow. My mom was in pain and we sat in the room for over an hour, nothing was given to her! (2 months ago)

I am so disappointed with our experience at this hispital. My daughter was transferred there after being in monadnock hospital so that she could get the mental health help she needed. She had been diagnosed several years back as schizophrenic. While she was being held at monadnock the staff there saw the spiral backwards she had taken when she went off her meds several months prior to me filing an IEA. The mental health system in New Hampshire is broken the police whom we dealt with prior to getting her admitted and during the process were supportive but agreed that the system made it difficult to get people the obvious help they need when the person who is sick will not allow anyone to help them. The staff at the hospital in peterborough was supportive and enlightening as to what they were seeing in her actions. We waited for a bed to open somewhere hoping and expecting that we would finally get my daughter back on track and get her the support that she needs to get her back on the track to live a productive fulfilled life like she had been before she went off her meds. We were told that in the opinion of those who had spent many days with her that getting her back on her meds and getting her into a group type home so she could transistion back into society safely and successfully was what we coukd expect to hsppen. What we got was a kangaroo court in which it was obvious that the judge had not read the 12 pages of information that had been collected over weeks showing the downward spiral she was experiencing and inflicting on others. This was all done over the phone and my daughter lied and obviously from the way she spoke and the rustling of paperwork in the back ground that she was reading a prepared statement and the wording she used was not her words but a prepared speech. I was not allowed to saying anything to the lies she said. The judge let her go and the social worker that spent minutes not years with her had the audacity to say that there was nothing wrong with her and that he could not understand why i did this. Is he going to say this still when she hurts someone as she has threatened over to last few days to do. If you love your loved ones that need help and support do not let them be sent here. (4 months ago)

They significantly lack skills in patient care! I would recommend going to a different hospital if you can avoid them. (6 months ago)

So My 13 year old bumped her knee on a ride at Disney just a little sore but when she woke up today it really hurt. So called Westside health several times for an appointment but as usual lately no one calls back. So had the Hubby take her to ER just to make sure it is nothing more serious then a bruise. So they take an exray and four tubes of blood. Yes Blood in "case she has a blood clot from the plane" So I called to find out why "I suspect they where doing a drug test" because blood clots are usually a ultrsound thing to be told they can"t tell me because children between the ages of 13 and 18 are allowed to seek medical care on their own. So I guess she can make her own well child visits and decided if she's getting her own vaccinations ect. does anyone there have a brain anymore? This was an invasive procedure. If I did not need a note for school she would not have gone. I put a brace on it iced it and gave her Tylenol. Guess what they said. (9 months ago)

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