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Franciscan Health Rensselaer, Inc is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Jasper County, IN.

Franciscan Health Rensselaer, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Franciscan Health Rensselaer, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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It is really sad to see how ineffective our system is. My daughter was taken to the ER last night, just wanting to talk. As soon as the word "suicidal" was brought up, she was shut down. The Dr. had her shipped off to a facility . Didn't care that isn't wanted she wanted( she is an adult) or that we have been doing this for 6 years and these trips to different facilities don't work. This Dr. could of cared less, he pushed her out the door...he never checked back up on her in the 5 plus hours she was there and never even came and talked to me when I arrived. We so weren't worth his time. There was only one other patient there, so busy wasn't a issue. I miss the days of our local Dr's being on call, at least they gave a damn. There was a male nurse that was wonderful and he was trying to make up for the lack in bed side manner the Dr. had. To add insult to injury she had to be transported by JCP , shackled in the back of the police car. The officer was nice and was following protocol..I get that. But what good is that for someones mental health ...and all she wanted was someone to talk to. ... I had to put one star, so it would sad (4 months ago)

This so called Franciscan Hospital is a farce. My daughter ended up worse after she left due to the incompetence of the staff. (5 months ago)

thank you for the fast response and kindness you showed me. awesome people (11 months ago)

Having worked there for 11 1/2 years in the laboratory, I wouldn't rely on most of these accounts. I'm almost 4 years removed from service there, and most of the staff remain. It was a good staff then as I am sure it is now. People want things done in a blink of an eye, without knowing what else is happening, or who else needs more help. You're complaining about snow? It's a hospital, not a hotel! I can see the residents of Rensselaer are the same though. Pushy, ungrateful, and rude! (a year ago)

Had a very embarrassing yet painful health issue I went to the ER for. After making me blare my condition into a microphone (2 way speaker) before letting me in the doors (embarrassing and an invasion of privacy) I was gruffly asked questions and put in a gown. Dr. "Alcoholic beverage" examined me and said I could come back Monday for outpatient (why come back instead of helping me now?) and prescribed me 3 medications, ALL OF WHICH I CAN BUY OVER THE COUNTER, SO THEY WERENT EVEN PRESCRIPTIONS! PLEASE, UNLESS YOUR DYING, DONT GO HERE, BECAUSE THEY CLEARLY DONT CARE! Will NEVER EVER RETURN HERE. (a year ago)

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