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Franciscan Health Mooresville opened in 1881 as Kendrick Hospital and today features state-of-the-art facilities in a compassionate, convenient location. Our Morgan

Franciscan Health Mooresville is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Morgan County, IN.

Franciscan Health Mooresville does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Franciscan Health Mooresville is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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It's taken me a few years to get to this point but I want to state my many experiences here: I have been through the ER here multiple times. I have seen a few specialist out off here as well. Once I was told I needed a psychiatrist because I had an anxiety problem: turned out I have a condition called POTS. I was told I was a drug seeker and they didn't listen to me about my heart/chest pain: later found out I have severe asthma (exertion induced). The time I saw a nutritionist she said I was anorexic and needed to stop dieting (saw her for unexplained weight loss and hair loss); I was diagnosed with Lupus years later. Once an xray tech decided to diagnose me right then and there with a liver and thyroid disorder because she saw a cyst in my liver. My last personal experience was when I came here after a terrible episode of pain/explosion in my pelvis: was told I was just an anxious pregnant woman (they only ran my hCG): 2 weeks later so was diagnosed by my OB with an ectopic pregnancy and needed immediate care. I already had a serious inflection from when the tube ripped. This "care" has been consistent throughout many years, not just isolated incidents. The last experience sealed the coffin. My husband came here and was told he just had anxiety; nope, it was shingles. I swear I will never be back. I advise anyone who is going here to have an issue that is easy to identify visually like a burn, broken leg or serious cut. Don't come here if the issue takes a more thorough investigation. (in the last week)

Very poor service, gotta watch what they put in your charts. I seen this dr 1 time and he has made all other drs sketchy of seeing me because of false information that he put in my chart. (in the last week)

I've never had a bad experience their even before the name change (a month ago)

I was there after hours clinic for simple flu recovery. I was having very heavy flu and pain. I just need to small medical help shot and pain medicine to get sleep and recover. MD nurse decision after I'm learning I had bronchitis. I never had bronchitis that day or day before 5 years ago. She made me more sick. I went back there of course closed. There is no way I can't wait them to open. Puke all over. Two lady said advised me to go to ER. This is not my 1st flu and I had flu everywhere and not cost me no more than 50 euro. My family members had flu at asia, japan Europe medidittrraanen. Most flu issiues we recovered ourself sometimes we went any clinic or hospital small medical help flu shot and pain medicine. 2, 3 days later we will back almost to nomal. Cost? almost nothing. That hospital professionally setup making you more sick and 100$ service turning on $5000 balloon invoice. I cant believe it 100 dolar flu service turned out 5000 dollar. Basically your not 1st you're last thing in there 1st your wallet and insurance to leAK every penny like a blood from you. You can't see this anywhere else on the earth. Waiting for my inquiry response from billing and their legal department. After to see my case goto court or not. If that way I'm %100 sure judge will make right decision and protect my rights. I'll be reporting that hospital state, qio every related department and organizations also Local channels and CNN. I need to battle my rights because that hospital administration hiding under the table all truth and running away Horrible. I can't believe this is happen to me. Sebahattin Erkul (3 months ago)

I had a terrible experience at Franciscan Health Mooresville ER after suffering a miscarriage. I did not receive compassionate or coordinated care and the communication issues were beyond alarming. The staff could not answer my questions and when I FINALLY saw a physician he was offensive and insulting. I tried to work through the customer service team to address these issues after receiving an incorrect bill, but unfortunately even that process proved to be disappointing. My family and I will not seek care at any Franciscan facility moving forward. I have never been so upset about any service - I would not recommend this hospital to anyone based on the care I did not receive on a very difficult day. (6 months ago)

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