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Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Orange County, CA.

Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Both of my children were born here 16 months apart. The doctors and nurses were fantastic for the most part. If my review just cover these visits it would be 5 stars. My wife had to visit the emergency department after our second baby. We were seen immediately and put in a private room. Again the staff was fantastic. Our surprise came when we received the bill. We chose this hospital that is covered in network by our insurance company but were charged out of network fees for a doctor to order tests and call in my wife's OB/GYN. How does an in network hospital have out of network doctors working in the ED when we have no way of knowing if the guy is covered under our insurance? What a scam. (a month ago)

My little one was transferred from CHOC to this hospital due to insurance coverage. I was skeptical about this hospital but my daughter and I had a great experience. They took really good care of her , her nurses and doctors who visited her were always attentive and caring to her needs. It was an overall great experience until my baby was discharged from pediatrics. (3 months ago)

AVOID this place. The ER was fine, but the main hospital definitely deserves the "below average" ratings it receives from US News. My wife was admitted for bad flu on a business trip and did not see her assigned primary physician until day 2. The only doctor on day 1 was the neurologist - for perhaps 15 minutes (generous estimate) after she'd been in for 12 hours. The next physician visit was a return of the neurologist around noon on day 2. No kidding - one 15 minute visit from a specialist physician in the first 30 hours in a hospital room in Orange County CA. Nuts. My sense is the place is sub-scale so doesn't have physician staff who are dedicated to the hospital. All drive-by. And we waited 8 hours for a basic ultrasound to be read by the cardiologist. Nursing staff was pleasant. The building is worn out - Tenant Healthcare's business model would seem to be to run the patient through all the expensive tests, while keeping medical headcount to a minimum and deferring basic maintenance for the facility. The discharge process, when we finally got to it was smooth. (2 months ago)

This is the worse hospital ever. My daughter was transferred there and it was the worst pediatric dept ever...the nurses didnt know what to do..i had to ask them to check my daughter's temperature and she had one..took an hour and a half to get Tylenol. She mever came back to ever re check it..i had to ask..isnt that the first thinf they learn? Then she contradicts herself saying my daughter cant have a certain pain meds amd that definitely not a narcotic one and later when i told her she was in pain she needed more meds she said how about morphine? Wait didnt you say earlier she couldnt? The drs asst reallg got under my skin talking to me like i was a child..literally to the point where i was thinking to myself are you kidding me? And never stuck to the point of why we were there..and everytime i spoke she then again apoke to me like i was an idiot..the 19 hours we were there nothing was done af all just an iv she had from previous er. I signed her out against there rules and since weve been home and ive followed the previous er room directions shes been fine.. NEVER EVER WOULD I EVER RECOMMEND THIS PEDIATRICS (a month ago)

Do not visit this hospital period. I would give this place ZERO stars. The staff here are demeaning and negligible of their duties especially the nurses in the icu. They act as if they're better than everyone else and look down on both the patients and their families. They verbally abuse the patients and the families who visit. It takes bribery with gifts and food for them to even properly perform their duties but even then their attitude is trash (It was a family member of mine who bought food for the staff but I do not condone such behavior. There's a difference between a gift and a bribery with one being a form of gratitude and the latter not. This was definitely not a gift based on how they treated this family member). The doctors are equally unprofessional with one comparing surgery to dissecting a chicken. This place gives all medical professionals a bad name. The staff and their competency here all needs to be re-evaluated. (5 months ago)

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