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ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital news and events, social media, and contact information.

Fostoria Community Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Seneca County, OH.

Fostoria Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Fostoria Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I’ve been to the ER and admitted to the Fostoria Hospital, and I received excellent, compassionate and fast care. I was always diagnosed properly and treated with the utmost kindness and respect. For such a small, rural hospital the staff does an amazing job. When I compare the service to Wood County Hospital, Fostoria is miles ahead. (3 months ago)

If I could rate this place with a 0 I would. Fostoria Community Hospital is Band-Aid station. Some years ago I broke my right hand, went to this ER immediately where they “set” my hand in place of a soft cast and sent me home. Things weren’t quite right about a week out, followed up with NWO(assuming that’d be my best option). They ended up re-breaking my hand and having to re-set it in a hard mold cast. Now I know the ER isn’t specialized in how to set a break(probably). But at least tell me so I know to schedule something somewhere else sooner. They had set my hand a whole 40 degrees off. Second time going there... I broke my right foot in gymnastics and had 0 mobility in it. Went out and they did several x-rays in different positions. Told me I had NO break, sent me home in some measly, half velcro-on cast if you will, and said I should start walking on it next day. Again, instead this time I went straight to NWO next day and they took more x-rays. Clear break, and splintered talus bone. They are not even sure how the hospital missed this? 3rd round at Fostoria Hospital(I know, I shouldn’t have gone back)... BUT, I was on all fours(hands & knees) violently dry heaving from the pain of what was a kidney stone. They at least found it in x-rays and scans. But they told me I’d pass it in due time and sent me on my way with no pain meds and a scheduled follow up with a urologist almost a week and a half out. Ended up taking pain meds we had at home to subside pain, thinking I’d just pass it eventually. Next morning I spent 7 hours back at it on the ground, very ill, had nothing left in me and at that point I started drinking more water just so I had something to throw up. Let my mom know and she called our then family doctor, Dr Lali. He got me in right away(I don’t even remember getting there because I was going in and out of consciousness). He took one look at the information Fostoria hospital sent over upon his request and he told us something FOSTORIA NEVER DID. The kidney stone was causing major blockage in one tube! Hence the reason I was full of pee and couldn’t go!!! He knew the signs and symptoms and promptly sent me straight to Blanchard Valley(knowing they only set me up for an appt with a urologist because it was still in Promedicas network and not because I needed immediate care!) Dr Lali gave me a shot to kill the pain and make it manageable enough to make it to Findlay. Got to BV and they did EVERYTHING Fostoria should’ve done the first time! Ended up being admitted 3 nights. I had such a severe kidney infection at this point that I almost needed to go on dialysis. They came in every 4 hours of the day and night drawing new blood in hopes my white blood cell count that was thru the roof, would come down. Put me on proper antibiotics and pain meds and had fluids pumping. The very last time I had to go, I took my boyfriend who was playing ball and severely rolled his ankle and it was huge. We wanted confirmation that it wasn’t broken. Well, they had him in there all but 45 minutes, came out to tell us nothing was broken and sent us on our way. He nicely asked for a work note. They wrote him one up. The nurse(guy) who was in the room with us finishing up overheard my boyfriend and I talking about how we might want to go get double checked at NWO and the nurse turned around and said “Why would you need to do that” my boyfriend responded “I wasn’t being disrespectful when I said that, I just really wanna make sure nothing more is wrong and get second opinion” which is his right. The nurse came back with “By saying that, you are being disrespectful!” and “What, are you mad because you can’t get more days off work!?” Which was completely irrelevant to anything. Overall, bad experiences and rude as hell staff. The front desk has been short and nasty with me. Looks like they have more fun just sitting back there chitty chatting. (3 months ago)

I do not appreciate that this hospital supports abortions. Please end the transfer agreement with the Capital Care abortion mill in Toledo. Having this agreement goes against your promise of do no harm. (4 months ago)

Worst experience of my life. After finding out that i would require a pelvic exam I overheard the "doctor" outside my room say something to the affect of "This is the last thing i want to be doing tonight." Not very professional. I was mortified and the entire time he conducted the exam he looked completely lost as i told him over and over that he was hurting me. I left this hospital basically being told i now have pain with sex. That was one of my symptoms. I guess they didn't bother looking at the urine sample they took. After following up with a doctor who actually knew what she was doing, she was able to clearly see i had a full blown UTI. I also had a major bowel obstruction causing me pain as well. SHE gave me actual antibiotics since your hospital didnt actually bother treating me but instead threw 2 percocet's at me. My recommendation? Unless you're dying, drive to Toledo. (11 months ago)

The nurses are amazing, the doctors are horrible. In and out and no diagnosis or anything. Just, "well the test is negative, good luck to ya!". Seriously? Uncaring doctors in this ER. (a year ago)

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