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Welcome to Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, where you will find award-winning, accredited care for a host of medical specialties.

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Knox County, TN.

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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If you have to go to the ER you're probably better off going elsewhere. 1) The room I was brought to had not had the bedding changed since the last person was there. (sweat, fabric, trash) 2) Xray tech was training students and did not provide any lead covering/protection, cursed the whole time, and was not considerate of the injury at all while placing my leg for scan 3) They did not have a physician on the ER floor (Tuesday ~10am) so I was only able to see an NP. NP did not diagnose, treat, or prescribe any appropriate medication, except for constantly asking me if I wanted any pain medication(so much wrong with that type of thinking) which I refused basically because it would triple the bill. Saw a friend's family doctor the next day who was immediately able to determine the problem and prescribe the correct antibiotics. Neither were considered by the NP at Fort Sanders. I was doing better in 2 days. * Update after the below response: Seems the staff has responded to my review suggesting to contact patient representatives. That would be great except the number they provided in this attached response is for the Maternity Postpartum services....That's not really going to help a single male with a complaint against the ER.... (in the last week)

My mother was there for heart surgery and the staff was wonderful. Although it did not work out for her because of other problems I wouldn't have wanted her anywhere else. They treated her and us great! (2 weeks ago)

For labor and delivery, while the doctors are great, I have to give only 3 stars due to a couple depersonalizing events. I was asked if I wanted those study people in there amongst many questions I just said yes because i was in pain. It got uncomfortable with multiple male interns in my delivery room. Then after the delivery I didn't give a flying flip about the nurse's random story she was telling me which was actually offensive. So, 3 stars for the 3 Professional Doctors I knew of. (4 weeks ago)

My father is on his way there now for a stint. I'm hoping that when he gets there he gets better treatment then leconte gave him because the next nurse or Dr will see me in court otherwise . I see all these bad reviews and it's terrible. I'm so sorry for these people and what they had to go through because they didn't get the care they deserve! I work in the medical field and I know what kind of care he better get or I know the number to an excellent attorney to deal with it. I'm giving you five star now because that's what I expect him to get....5 star care. (2 months ago)

Perrae was excellent nurse to me super kind and loving but the nurse before her was bad on giving pain meds! Prior to surgery the preop nurse had issues with iv causing me pain but second lady was fantastic and calming . Overall first surgery and overnight stay was fantastic but day versus night shift nurse are different Perrae was busy and forgot meds at one point but she was super kind and very sweet. (a week ago)

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