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Fort Hamilton Hughes Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Butler County, OH.

Fort Hamilton Hughes Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Fort Hamilton Hughes Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Was treated like a drug seeker and addict in the ER. Very unprofessional treatment. First time to ER for help with pain. Nurses and PA were nothing but nasty in their attitude and I was treated with no respect. Basically they assumed I was seeking drugs. They tried to give me something that has hurt my stomach in the past. Since I refused, the provider became inflamed with anger. For their sake I hope the roles never get reversed because being in pain and having someone treat you like that is unethical and inhumane. Show some compassion, show some respect, gain trust from the patient that as a provider you will do all you can legally speaking to help the patient. Do not treat them with disrespect. There is no need for providers to get angry and nasty at patients. Very disappointed in patient treatment at this hospital. (3 months ago)

Some of the staff here in the emergency room are rude. No care, concern,or compassion for patients who need assistance. A phone call was made to the emergency room to see if they could help or refer my daughter for immediate medical attention to get laughed at by the woman there. It's disgusting that a medical provider embarrass someone like that. Do not recommend this place (a week ago)

Two weeks ago I was admitted on the 4th floor.Now before I begin I've had several stays on the heart floor never anything wrong.However this most recent experience was terrible! The nurse that got me settled was amazing.Also the African American nurse was as well.I went in because I was malnourished and I was unable to eat.I continued to repeat this my entire stay.Everyone kept insisting I was vomiting.The only time I did is when they gave me meds.Medicine before I eat of any kind make me ill.I am also a person with chronic pain.The African American nurse helped me with that but it was too strong.After that I wasn't allowed anymore.So one strong dose and two small doses and that's was it.I spent the majority of my stay there in terrible pain! I continued to ask and all at once I had therapy, nurse and floor doctor in my room.The doctor felt my back,it's deep arthritis and my hip.Its a deep inside pain.He then got load with me with everyone in the room that if I kept my food do I could leave?!?!? That was NEVER NEVER my problem.So at this point I ate even though I was all worked up so I could leave this horrible situation.I am so sad because I've always loved Fort Hamilton.I really hope someone from the hospital reads this. (3 months ago)

Worst hospital ever. Went in for a head injury & the nurse & security officer were beyond rude & disgusting. The nurse said "wow I don't even know how you have a boyfriend" I was like well "he's standing right there". The security guard was beyond arrogant & kept smirking & was condescending as hell. I was pinched & scratched on my chest to the point where I'm bruised & you can see where I was scratched. I was eventually moved to a lockdown unit for essentially no reason, I didn't threaten anyone whatsoever or anything like that. Then a few moments later they came in with a bunch of security guards with a syringe that had an antipsychotic in it which I said I was not taking that so they proceeded to hold me down (one of them was the arrogant security guard I mentioned earlier) & I said "this is f***** up" & that security guard said "I know" in a tone pretty much like yeah he knew it wasn't right but could've cared less. They made my boyfriend leave who was waiting in the lobby area but when I asked the security guard if I could see him he said "well he left you" when he was MADE to leave & after being there for 8 hours they informed me that I could not leave without a responsible adult to pick me up (I'm nearly 30 years old). If I ever saw any of those people again it wouldn't end well. Take the extra time & go to Mercy. (5 months ago)

I was just released after a few day stay, and am very impressed with the care I received. Allison, the Doctor I had was very thorough. She listened, did not rush me, explained the medications she was going to put me on thoroughly. An excellent Doctor. Very likeable, professional and pleasant. The nurses were also very kind, caring and attentive. There is a window you go to where they give you your medications. This should have more privacy. While I was taking my medication, three patients rudely came to window asking for radios, not giving the nurse a chance to concentrate on the medication. The nurses should say something to these patients to let the person taking their medication at the window some privacy. I know if someone were taking their meds, I would stand back a distance and wait till they are done, until I get my medications or need something. They need more privacy for nurse and patient respect. Also, they do not do a very good job showing you around when you get you are left on your own to try to figure out where things are or where to go to get things you need. The towels are too flimsy too dry off on, after taking a shower. They need better towels. Also, I reported that the sink in bathroom the first day I was there was only putting out hot water. I reported to several nurses and front desk, but nothing was done about the situation, after they promised they would get maintenance to "check it". Also, a nurse with blond hair, older lady was not very pleasant at all, and she said something derogatory about medications the Doctor put me on, saying they would "slow down my digestive system". The nurses need to be positive, not negative line that. I walked away feeling bad and confused. They are also not very nice when discharging you, they overwhelm you and rush you too much. Other than that, if the ER was half as good as this unit, This would be an outstanding hospital. Now, why can't the ER department ever improve? They are uncaring, rude, incompetant, chat, don't give you a blanket, take you to a room and ignore you for hours shivering. No one checks on you..or tells you when the Doctor will be in. They won't even give you any ice chips or water or care enough to ask you if you need anything. Worst ER ever, wouldn't take my Dog there. I will only go to Butler Bethesda, where they treat you with dignity and respect and show kindness and smile at you. When will ER at FH.*ever* get better???? (5 months ago)

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