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Forrest City, AR (July 6, 2017) — Forrest City Medical Center (FCMC) announced today that it reinstated its chaplaincy program.

Forrest City Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Saint Francis County, AR.

Forrest City Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Forrest City Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Went there a little while back because me and my baby girl both had strep throat She was around two years old at the time. Went there at 11:00 at night and didn't leave until 2:30 in the morning. Checked us in a room and forgot about us. Then I was charged for us being there 2 days. We was treated but that was a bunch of BS. (4 months ago)

Pathetic excuse for an emergency medical facility. Filthy ER. Garbage and syringe caps everywhere. Idiot ER tech. didnt even know how to use a blood pressure cuff. Dr on call was incredibly rude and snotty with his responses. Currently writting this from the ER that I have been sitting in for the past 6 hours waiting for anyone to have common sense and give my father the proper care he needs or atleast an update as to what the hell is going on. Instead they close the door to the room you are in and only come in if a lead comes loose. Incredibly fed up and disgusted at the lack of empathy, OSHA violations and commin sense this facility has. (4 months ago)

Weekend housekeeping and maintenance are lazy and laid back. Saturday, July 15, 2017 the men and women employee sit down while blood need cleaning in the emergency room. When they did get up, they stroll past the incident need cleaning. An maintenance black guy, the only one, sit in his car for hour while something need repairing. A good example, the TV in my hospital's room need adjusting. He refuse to fix it, and said he got relationship issues to worry about. (12 months ago)

Daughter has been waiting since 7:30 for is now 11:30. Had an emergency c section ahead of her. Understand this, but this is ridiculous. (11 months ago)

They are in a rush to get the pasties back but as soon as they do the e cage go or blood work or X-ray they don't come back in and say we'll this says this or that says that cause I have to bring my mom up here we came all the was from West Memphis cause her chest and stuff was hurting her bad but I have to keep walking from her room to the desk to keep asking if she can get anything to drink cause she was very thirsty and finally after about an hour 1/2 they say oh her blood work came back she can have something but let me keep y'all in mind we been here from about 11:50pm or 12:00am all the way up until now n counting they still haven't been in the room only been in here a few time at the first 30mins of us being here!!!!!! So we went up to the desk at 2:50am they said we waiting on the paper work to let y'all go then went up there at 3:10am talking about Ithe Dr. Said he is waiting what are u waiting on u just said y'all was working on paper work!!!! But also keep in mind my mom comes here all the time when she needs to come to a hospital!!! Now it's 3:15am to let her go!!! Just to tell her there's nothing wrong with her so what a waste of time they been telling everyone that came in the same thing!!!! (10 months ago)

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