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Important information about Foothills Hospital, a BCH location. View details and even get directions by visiting our website today.

Foothills Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Boulder County, CO.

Foothills Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Foothills Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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My doctor referred me to Foothills Hospital for skilled outpatient services on Friday afternoon. I received excellent care and wonderful service from every department. Alex in Reception worked the phones to ensure that both doctors' orders were received and scheduled in the most efficient way. Mike and Dr. Wells in Imaging helped to keep my stress level low as they inserted a PICC line in my arm. Beforehand, the receptionist in Imaging had blankets delivered to the waiting room where I was lying on a sofa. Rita in Infusions was waiting for my arrival and was caring and thorough. Every person we met at the hospital was helpful and accommodating. Thank You! (3 months ago)

Many things to say here... The hospital is not making money......somehow that is the goal of a hospital now? What is happening to our community??? Hospital is about to stop accepting BC/BS......Very strange considering the amount of people on that plan in Boulder alone. It is hard to believe that the hospital is losing money, considering the number of patients, and considering I was charged $2000 to see someone for exactly 5 minutes for what turned out to be a benign eye infection. Not to mention the overpriced eye drops, which you cannot get without a prescription. I was told it was this expensive because the "ER Level" was a 3 out of 5.... If staring at my eye is a 3, I wonder what 4 and 5 are for... Perhaps you should normalize your costs, and your ER Levels, and perhaps you should stop forcing your community members out of the community by being prohibitively expensive. I won't mention the fact that the average doctor in our community makes about $330 000 per year, and that they have the audacity to complain publicly that THEY DON'T MAKE ENAUGH MONEY. Somehow, making 11 times minimum wage IS NOT ENAUGH, SO LETS JUST CHARGE EXORBITANT PRICES@!!! You get two stars for great service and great people. (a month ago)

I am the partner and caregiver for an Autistic person. Finding care where the Doctors listen is rough. A lot of the time they do not understand the intricate nature of the disease. The way things manifest within the brain of an Autistic person can make it difficult to asses their conditions. It also makes it difficult for some Doctors and hospitals to move past the random comments. Sometimes the patient with Autism can appear to be aggressive or drug seeking when they really just have no filter. We had to visit the hospital twice within 24 hours because of pain from a flare up of a chronic condition. Both times the Doctors and staff were very friendly. Dr. Feldhaus and Dr. Lund were both fabulous. Sarah and Harry were good nurses. It's HARD to work in the emergency room. Nurses don't make very much money and they work long hours. We come to this hospital because all of his regular Doctors are in Boulder. Boulder care is the better care. (a month ago)

Outrageously expensive. They charged me over $800 for a simple x-ray. A technology which is over 100 years old. If your Dr. sends you here for any imaging ask them to send you to Touchstone or some independent imaging company. (2 months ago)

Went for side pain on Monday at 10pm and it too over 3 hours to do a basic blood / urine test and ultrasound. Somehow the nurse managed to forget to do it. (a month ago)

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