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Florida Hospital Orlando. Florida Hospital Orlando is a cornerstone of Central Florida's epicenter for arts, science and medicine. Around us, neighborhoods have ...

Florida Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Orange County, FL.

Florida Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Florida Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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New addendum: Little did I know that a few days after I wrote the initial review below, I would be in the Celebration Hospital ER and then in the observation area for 24 hours. I had a battery of tests. All medical personnel were professional, caring and assuring. The only less than perfect mention was the discharging physician. I had not seen him previous to discharge. He quickly reviewed my test results, but did not discuss them thoroughly, or to my satisfaction. He was more focused on my cholesterol being elevated than the admitting health issue. His diagnosis was innocuous, at best. I spoke with additional medical staff to answer my lingering questions, receive clarification of test results and the need for the medications the discharging physician had prescribed. In regard to the condition of the hospital, as mentioned in previous reviews, I noticed the observation room did need repairs to the walls where equipment had recently been removed.However, painting of the rooms in the observation area was already underway. Various members of my family have been to Celebration Hospital and have all received excellent care and had positive experiences in difficult situations.The physicians and medical teams have been excellent, professional, thorough and caring. The hospital facilities are superb, clean, comfortable and relaxing. No one wants to be in a hospital. The quality of place and personnel makes a difference in the recovery process. I have had surgeries here, my three grandchildren were born here, family has been to the ER for stitches, broken bones and emergent health issues. Celebration Health is an asset to the south west Orlando area. (2 months ago)

No hospitality at this hospital far more hospitality at a hospice. Do not call looking for any kind of help by phone. I live and hour and a half away and would have been better off getting in my car and driveing to the hospital than trying to get through by phone. Hospital should relocate away from Disney resorts where at a minimum 2.5 star rating is expected. (2 weeks ago)

Place looked nice although the room we were put in to wait for the PA needed a little bit more cleaning (floors and walls). Checking staff and nurse were really nice! The negative star goes to the 1 hour wait of the PA for initial diagnosis. (2 weeks ago)

Food served in cafeteria is served Luke warm to cold. Nurses do not tell you what test they are running. As I am typing this review, I am waiting in front of 4 nurses and 2 have walked away without speaking to me. It has been 4 minutes of me standing at a counter waiting for any form of assistance. We are now down to one nurse remaining. Earlier today a nurse damaged our property while moving us from one room to another. Left a message for assistant vice president if nursing to call me back or to please come visit our room. Finally had a nurse speak to me after 6 minutes at the counter. It's funny because no one is allowed in the hallway and are asked to go back into their room or wait in the lobby if they are there longer than 30 seconds. Asked for head of women's department and told it was ricki. They were unable to provide me with any sort of contact info and instead have me speaking to the charge nurse when she is available. Will try to add that outcome later, I'm sure it's a good one... First lab was contaminated. Second finally came thru, Robin was the charge nurse I spoke to, she handled my complaints well. I don't anticipate anything being done so my review remains 1 star. Upon discharge, we had an appointment set up with the pediatrician, they would not print the discharge paperwork until we had it changed from the same day visiting our new daughters pediatrician to the following day. We had it set up same day because we don't trust these people. We changed it temporarily and will reschedule for same day as we have no confidence with this hospital. Most of the doctors and nurses recommend different things that contradict each other. Please avoid delivering your child a this hospital. The horror stories you have heard are mostly true... I wish we could have gone to Wendy Palmer We are not first time parents, I understand things happen, but there is a severe lack of bedside manner in this hospital. (2 weeks ago)

This is the third time I've been to this hospital within 2 months and each time has been disappointing as the first. The customer service isn't as friendly as I expected, mini of the nurses display short patience and lack of bedside manner. The cleanliness in the hospital is not up to par. My family member was admitted into one of the rooms that have not been swept for weeks they're were dust mites under the seats and trash on the floor from the patient before. I really had high expectations for Celebration Hospital however they were not met each time I visit. Hope they're able to pull it together. (3 months ago)

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