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Florida Hospital New Smyrna is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Volusia County, FL.

Florida Hospital New Smyrna does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Florida Hospital New Smyrna is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I have had nothing but good experiences here. The ER is always professional and the day surgery center was the best I've ever been to. The nursing staff is funny and kind, they are affectionate and attentive. They know how to hold a conversation and distracted me from the pain I was in from my kidney stones. The doctors are great with kudos to Dr. Bach. Anyone who says otherwise is most likely looking for attention or something free. My family and I will continue to use this hospital. Thank you for being kind and attentive. (3 months ago)

The RN Angela and PA in triage of ER, were very unprofessional. They were talking about a doctor's birthday party that was approaching instead of assessing my son. Angela, RN even went as far as to pull out her cell phone and show where the party was going to be. The PA was actually eating food and talking with food in her mouth. I realize we are on beach time, however health care providers are still taking care of people's lives and need to be professional, especially at work. I won't even begin to explain the rest of our experience the only positive thing to say is Dr. Bach was very professional and was attentive to my son's needs...Thankfully someone in their facility had a brain that was functioning properly. Also, glad this is NOT our community hospital. (3 months ago)

This small community hospital may now be part of a large network, but it is still patient centered care. Excellent care taken of the facility in cleanliness. My recent visit was to take a neighbor who had a bad kidney infection to the ER. It was evening before we went. Angie was her RN she was smart a great and on top of everything. Dr Robbins who attended Christi was so professional and compassionate. While we were waiting for test results to come back I thought I would go and get some coffee. Here's where Corporate get a 1 Star. It use to be any time of the night if you were there with a family member that in the cafeteria there was always coffee and it was free. Now it is the one change it would seem Corporate must have been behind. No longer coffee after hour's, but there was a shinning star of another RN who saw me Bonnie she offer to get me some and that was so sweet of here. Corporate needs to take note and tone for the Dr's , RN's and staff that work so hard to make this small little community hospital fell like family's taking care of you. (3 months ago)

ICU staff was amazing until the Head nurse, Darlene came on shift. She sent home the nurse charged with my husband's care. The gentleman that was supposed to be caring for my husband stood outside the room talking loudly keeping him awake all night, then popped in right at shift change in the am, not hourly as is protocol in the ICU. Darlene also sent me out of the room, quoting that I could only stay if my husband was near death. He had a heart attack the night before, and had just been stabilized again with nitro just before she made me leave. Very unChristian like behavior. I'm sure she saved the hospital money, but at the expense of the patients care. Yesterday they said they might move Jeff out of the ICU, it was around 5 pm when the doctor told us this. I asked the doctor if they are going to move him to please don't do it in the middle of the night as he has not been able to get any sleep. Well of course my wishes were not heeded. They moved him at midnight. And again put him in a room where there is another patient on the phone all the time and with nursing staff coming in every 20 mins. When Jeff asked about a quieter room, they brought him earplugs. Hopefully they will let him go home today so that he can get some sleep . Very disappointed, I thought this was no longer Bert Fish. Boy was I wrong. Next time Halifax for sure (a week ago)

Staff was so friendly and caring, despite being extremely busy (flu season). A special thank you to charge nurse Natalie in ER who was so nice, compassionate, and quick to get me treated. All the while, held a smile on her face and offering to help other nurses too. Someone give that woman a raise! She really is a asset to your ER team. Dr Abigail was fantastic too, making sure each patient was attended to as quickly as possible. (7 months ago)

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