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Visit Evanston Hospital and explore the Kellogg Cancer Center and Cardiovascular Care Center, schedule a mammogram and more. Schedule an appointment with NorthShore ...

Evanston Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Evanston Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Evanston Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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If there was a NO star, this plase takes the cake. The worst experience in my life. I was in their mental health floor in 2012. They had no idea how to help me except drugging me with Valium taking mine and my companies money. Made my condition got even worse by being there and had to be rescued by my wife and brother in-law and taken to Alexian Bros in Hoffman Est. 1000% better and REALLY care for their patients and not just their wallets! (a month ago)

Hard to rate a hospital, there are so many factors that go into it. First of all, the health care is very very good. My mother has suffered a brain tumor and numerous strokes. Her brain surgeon was brilliant. All the doctors on her care team are attentive and helpful. We are no strangers to hospitals, have experienced terrible ones but I always feel confident whenever a family member is admitted to Evanston. The interior of the hospital is gorgeous, there is a waterfall..soft piano playing in the background to add to the ambiance. When you go upstairs, the walkway to the parking lot is surrounded by beautiful plants. The interior is very very nice. As for the hospital rooms, they differ from unit to unit. We had some rooms that were nice and big. Others were very small. Each room has a flat screen tv, a closet, two bed side tables, and extra setting for family members. The wifi is free but sometimes is slow which is to be expected. The food is OK, ordering it is a breeze as you only have to call it in. You can order a guest tray too, sometimes it will be free depending on the stay. The nurses are highly knowledgeable and know their stuff. My mom is a hard prick, and if a nurse cannot get her vein they will ask a colleague who can usually get it. This is a sign of a good hospital, because most people will keep poking around which causes the patient more discomfort. The PCT(patient care technicians) are also very good, they usually come in pairs and you can tell they value team work. All in all, everyone seems to work together seamlessly. The ER department is very good. The nurses are quick on their feet and the doctors actually take the time to explain things to their patients. The rooms are small but have a flat screen tv mounted on the wall which is nice. The ICU has the best nurses in the world, and no that is not an exaggeration. These nurses really know their stuff and do not lack in compassion or empathy. They take their time and are very gentle. The unit is very quiet too. The radiology unit is great, there is a spacious waiting room. Never had to wait too long to be seen. The pharmacy is great too, again has it's own separate and spacious room. The cafeteria is fine, I don't know why people have mixed feelings about it. I think for cafeteria food, it does the job. The ONLY down side, why I had to knock off two stars is the parking. It costs $3.50 to park and the ticket machine has been out of order for a year..Very sketchy, basically it does not matter if you were here for 15 minutes or an will have to pay. If you are visiting someone, you can get your ticket lowered by asking one of the people at the front desk. Other North shore hospitals like Skokie and Glenbrook have outdoor free parking which is wonderful. The parking adds up quickly, especially if your loved one is going to stay for a few weeks. So definitely would recommend carpooling if you can. (3 months ago)

This place suppose to help people not robbing people: had a bleeding, walked in ER, registered then wait for dr, dr came found bleeding already stopped, so throw me a band aid and send me home. 2 months later got a bill for 800 dollars. 800 for a band aid makes no sense. (4 months ago)

My daughter had severe diarrohea. Her doctor suggested to go to emergency immediately. I chose evanston hospital and did the biggest mistake. It was just like a normal walk-in clinic where wait time was more than 3 hours. On stressing after 3 hours they told me that they dont know how much time it will take to get her the 'emergency care'. The nurse was very rude and did not bother about the patients. After 3.5 hours of wait i decided to leave and take my daughter to a different hospital where emergency means something. I wish i could give less than 1 star to this hospital. (4 months ago)

Horrible. My father in law got neck surgery and the nurses refused to get him water, ice packs or clean blankets during his recovery. I asked the nurse politely four times and the nurses always had a attitude problem with me. I eventually went to get water and ice packs my self at a drug store and came back and they yelled and me for getting him water and ice packs elsewhere. The food at the cafeteria is also terrible and undercooked. They will not let you bring in outside food. If your not going to do your job then I will. Then the doctor was trying to give him a insulin shot. My father in law does not have diabetes and he does not need and I refused it. Thank god I was around because I would of filed a lawsuit if that happened. The only reason we went to this hospital is because the specialist that saw him does his surgery here. I have been to three different hospitals around Chicagoland and this was the worst. Service by the nurses is terrible and they are extremely understaffed. Use caution when going here. (5 months ago)

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