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Eskenazi Health provides exceptional and comprehensive health care to Central Indiana with a mission to Advocate, Care, Teach and Serve.

Eskenazi Health is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marion County, IN.

Eskenazi Health does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Eskenazi Health is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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I'm 26 and I recently had a surgery after getting struck by a car. They put a stabilizer on my left leg . Everyone that I have encountered at the facility has been a golden star in my book! I read a few other reviews and all I have to say is, have patience with the staff. They aren't employees at BurgarKing. They are the people that are about to change your world, so be kind. I have appointments every week until my leg recovers. You might see me there rolling in my wheelchair. ☺ (in the last week)

We recently spent 4 days off and on at this hospital due to a family emergency. The staff was so good and patient with our rather large and loud family. They gave us privacy areas to accommodate us in ER then another area when our family member was in ICU, then again when transferred to surgery. They allowed us to see the person, pray for them, and were so patient and kind. Thankfully, we are in the green and our family member is recovering. While there we were in many areas of the hospital and they let us know of areas we could rest our heads (in public walking views of others I don't want other families reading this to think we were provided rooms or any specialties like that to not raise the expectation of what you'll get coming there) to not gather too much in one particular area so room is available for other families as well. The cafeteria is really clean and has a good selection. The salad bar has such good choices but please be forewarned - their food is bland for health purposes. There are areas for condiments you put on they do not season their food and keep low on salt for health purposes. There should be a sign posted on or around somewhere in clear view stating this. We spent a lot of money one one big trip there with family and after we got our food and tasted it, it was disappointing but we were able to make it tolerable. Please note their food is good, just bland. They are a hospital and need to keep things healthy for good reason. Their intent is well received and appreciated. I am just so thankful and grateful for this hospital and staff for helping my family members when we needed them most. Blessings to all there. (3 months ago)

Eskenazi has a fancy new building, but the organization is a disaster. The people who work there are totally incompetent at basic duties like calling in a perscription. I've had weeks of gaps in my medicine every single time I've needed a simple refill because they cannot call it in regularly, correctly, to the right pharmacy, or even at all. Today I called about how my perscription (which they had already given me the runaround on for WEEKS and then turned out to have never called in at all) and *they had removed the button on the automated menu that took me to the gastroenterologist and replaced it as the Spanish button.* I had to be bounced around and redirected on the phone by people who had no idea what was going on for half an hour. So I called the other hospital on my insurance, Community. They are kinda infamous for their old, less impressive facilities. But the staff on the phone was very competent and experienced--they were all old people, for one. They got me an appointment with a new doctor in NO time and I can refill my Humira medicine with a nurse practitioner with a walk in, whenever I want. That's what I need. Medicine. Not a fancy building. MEDICINE. (in the last week)

Horrible! I was rushed to the ER then admitted overnight to Eskenazie when it was newly opened. I had severe diarrhea and pain and quite a number of other symptoms after returning home from a trip. They treated me with antibiotics and the terrible symptoms subsided. They came into my room as if I were a lab rat and had every med student and doctor and nurse and janitor look at me. I got absolutely no rest at the hospital. Since all these rocket scientists could not identify the bacteria they assumed it was a viral infection, took me off the antibiotics, and released me without a prescription. They told me to follow up with one of their doctors in a few weeks. In the meantime my shooting diarrhea and other symptoms returned immediately without the antibiotics. When I saw their idiot doctor for follow up, he told me to return in 3-mos and still did not give me antibiotics. I asked him if he was aware that people die of dysentery and never went to see any doctors at Eskenazie again. I got an $11k bill in the mail from them, too, that was not covered by my health insurance. Since that day I have been getting more and more ill despite all of my attempts to get treatment. I had to stop working last year and sell my house to support myself. Many days I am bed bound. I just found out that I have post infectious myalgic encephalomyelitis and had the dummies at Eskenazie known what they were doing I would not be where I am today. They ruined my health and my life. (2 weeks ago)

The two gentlemen that helped me were awesome in the MRI dept!!! The security guy at the emergency entrance was courteous too! The time it takes to get a MRI is too long and that's the only issue I had. (4 months ago)

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