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Erie County Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Erie County, NY.

Erie County Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Erie County Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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How can one of the largest area hospitals not properly care for a young man that has passed so to allow his family a proper goodbye. The excuse that they could not care properly for a man his size is unacceptable, Fonda way or transport him to a facility that can. Expedite the process for him to be cared for in a funeral home setting or communicate these issues with a family ahead of time. But everything is better in hindsite right? If no stars were possible that’s what this review would have. Absolutely appalling treatment. (3 weeks ago)

I hold ECMC personally responsible for the neglect that they showed my brother, Robert Pete Gonzalez Jr, after his passing on 6/18/2018 when they knowingly left his body lay on a table after his autopsy for several days. His body was unable to be property prepared for an open casket viewing for his family robbing us all of our finally chance to gaze upon his face one last time. Their reasoning for this is because they say their facility has no refrigerated area to hold someone of my brother's body size. There are other hospitals within the area that are equipped with a refrigerated system large enough for this situation but the lack of professional and personal care for the deceased was not in their best interest it seems. Thanks to ECMC I will not get the chance to say goodbye to my only brother face to face. Their mission statement states, To provide every patient with the highest quality of care delivered with compassion. Where is the care and compassion in this? (4 weeks ago)

Ecmc took my friend after he passed away for an autopsy and left his body out after for 3 days, robbing his family of a proper burial! Their excuse was they didnt have a big enough cooler for his body. They took no accountability for this "mistake". They dont follow their mission statement- "to provide every patient the highest quality of care delivered with compassion". Their core values of excellence in all areas was not meet by any means. They abused this man's corpse with no compassion for their family. (4 weeks ago)

Due to negligence on behalf of ECMC of Buffalo, NY a loved one of so many who passed away on the 18th can not be properly embalmed nor viewed. The family and friends of Robert Pete Gonzalez Jr. will never be given the opportunity to have a proper goodbye and all our hearts are shattered. ECMC should have notified the family or transported "Juni" to a facility that could have accommodated based on the situation. Instead ECMC showed no compassion as they let his body lay in a room for 3 consecutive days without being preserved by a cooler. ECMC needs to accept the bad reviews just as they accept the good ones! They need to be held accountable for the negligence and answer this mourning family! (4 weeks ago)

ECMC is an interesting hospital, I think its a good hospital but I don't really trust it because their computers got hacked and you can't trust anyone who's computers get hacked. I will say this though, their CEO Tom Quatroche is a good man,I believe that he can change this hospital and change the world with his work. Once again, signing off, go bills and sabres. (2 months ago)

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