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Ephrata Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lancaster County, PA.

Ephrata Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ephrata Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Billing Department is incompetent. I go a refund back in check form. Wrong address, they put the check in a hand written envelope. I cant cash it due to the wrong address. I was instructed to mail it back in and they may put it to a previous balance. It has been at least 4 weeks, I called them last week and it is still being processed. WHAT A JOKE!! (a month ago)

If you have a choice I would recommend avoiding this hospital. The only reason I went with a 2 star instead of a one star is because during my daughter giving birth to her first daughter she was very happy with that department. My personal experience however with this hospital has always been very frustrating. Through multiple experiences with both my parents and an ER visit with my wife it seems as if this hospital has to scrap from the bottom of the barrel for their staff. No really impresses me as knowing a lot about what they are doing. Certainly none of the staff I have encountered have any idea what bed side manner is. I know this is probably a very hard line of work, I totally get it. As I said though this has been a recurring theme with this hospital. Have been much happier with my experiences at Lancaster General. (3 months ago)

Traveling from Indianapolis to NY when my mom had severe chest pains while at the Bowman Service Plaza. Called for an ambulance. From the moment we got to Ephrata Hospital everyone was awesome. Hannah was the first person we met and she was great. Awesome tat! Dr Mike was super thorough and incredibly personable, which is needed in more ER doctors. He's new so here's to hoping he keeps the air of earnest caring that so many ER doctors lack and cover up with false cheer. Dr Mike if you read this stay cool. :) This was about as positive an experience as something like this could be. Great team from the bald guy with the beard who registered us to Trenessa who transported my mom back from her CAT scan, thorough explanations of what was happening were given mostly without prompting, and they answered questions without hesitation. Thank you. (4 months ago)

Our daughter was born there in 1990. Our son was admitted there in 1994 for a bad cold or amonia. And I was admitted there to have my appendix removed in 1994 also. Never once did we have a problem with the doctors or nurses. Very nice, very professional, and very clean hospital. Would recommend this hospital to anyone. (4 months ago)

If I could give less than one star, I would. I went to LGH urgent care yesterday for what I believed to be an ear ache. The doctor there thought I had a more serious issue and referred me over to Wellspan, since it was the closest for me. She called ahead to let the ER know I was coming since this was a real emergency. I got there at 7. I had my vitals taken and then was assigned a room. I was shown to my ER room by the secretary. I walk into the room and the RN at the nurses station looks up and says to me, in not a very nice manner, "who are you?! What's your name?" I gave her my information. I had no more vitals taken, was not hooked up to an IV, was not asked if I was cold or wanted a blanket. I was not told to change into a gown. I was told I was being taken down for a CT scan. I went down around 8pm, had the CT scan and the tech was great. So nice to me. I was brought back up around 8:30 and was told my results would take about a half hour. At 9 my results came back from my CT scan. The PA told me he was "stumped" as to why I was having pain, he asked me if I just had a headache, ("are you SURE you don't just have a headache?") but he would have the attending doctor come in to look at me. Well, since the attending physician was coming in, I was hooked up for vitals right away. The physician came in and gave me 3 diagnosis of what I could possibly have. Then she wanted to know why my blood pressure was so high and had my blood pressure taken again. She determined I was in pain. The PA asked me, in a snarky manner, "did you take your blood pressure medicine today?" Listen, friend. I'm 27 years old, I think I'm capable of taking my blood pressure was high because I was in pain! When I arrived at 7 and told the triage nurse, the RN AND the PA that my pain level was a 7 out of 10. I was never offered any pain medication until 9:30 when I finally rang the bell and asked. When I rang my call bell a security guard came in to turn off my bell. I asked him when I'd be able to have some pain medication. He said, "I'm sorry, I can't help you with that. I'll find a nurse." Sweet guy. The PA comes in and I asked for an Advil, Tylenol, a tranquilizer shot, anything please! Then, I also had a question about one of the possible diagnoses, he told me, "oh, I don't really know much about that. So I don't know what to tell you. But I have to go, I'm very busy with 2 other patients and I have to see what's happening next door. Also, the nurse is upstairs getting your medicine and she's taking a few flights of stairs. It could be a while." SERIOUSLY! I didn't receive any pain medication until 11pm, when I was finally discharged. And the nurse that discharged me and gave me my medication was NOT the same RN I had when I walked in. The PA assigned a different RN to go upstairs and get my medication because the original RN was on BREAK. I work in healthcare too, I know all about wanting to take a break, but don't lie to me about how someone is going to get my medicine and help me, just be honest with me. I think when urgent care sends someone to the ER, it's pretty serious. I wasn't able to just get some simple medication and be on my way. This ER is a train wreck and they don't take their patients seriously. I don't mind waiting, I know emergencies happen and other people are sick too, but when the PA tells me there's only 2 other patients in the ER besides me, that's unprofessional and disrespectful. Maybe their problems were more severe than mine, but he and the RN should have made sure I was comfortable before seeing another patient. Also, I was never offered a glass of water, an IV, a soda, nothing. I sat in that ER for 4 hours without anything to drink. Never once did someone come in and tell me it was okay for me to have a drink. Hydration is SO important, especially when someone is in the ER. (a month ago)

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