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CHICO, CA 95926

Enloe Medical Center provides expert care for comprehensve medical services in Chico, CA.

Enloe Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Butte County, CA.

Enloe Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Enloe Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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I think this hospital needs to get someone to come in as a patient who's really sick and may die like my mother,and make sure all the nurses do their job, because my mom was in room 76 on the 5th floor and my mom sat in poop for almost 3 hours waiting for a nurse to come and clean her and she was to receive pain medicine every two hours because she had pancreatic cancer and couldn't feed herself or hold a cup to drink water they would sit it in front of her and leave and when were there they would come in and help her most of the time when we pushed her button but my mom would call us on her cell phone to tell us the nurses told her they would help her but it had been almost 2 hours and I witnessed it a few times when I was there and one nurse came saying she was giving her something to make her poop because she hadn't pooped in four days,but the day before she pooped so much it made a big mess but the girls never wrote it down so we decided to take turns staying the night with my mom so we could keep an eye on her, but one good thing was the doctors were so nice and even yelled at a nurse for telling him that they had given my mom a bone marrow test and the doctor was waiting for the results and he read the chart that said my mom never had the test,I could go on but what I've said is bad enough,were taking our mom home to let her die where she can be treated like she's supposed to be,I hope everyone who has a loved one in this hospital checks on them because they can't tell anyone if their being treated bad.(follow up) its now may 8th 2017 and my mom was sent home because she had cancer and was only given days to live but I am happy to say that my mom is still alive and was taken off hospice and has no sign of cancer and she is starting to walk again I'm so glad my mom came home from that hospital because she probably would have passed away or been given medicine for something she never had,I'm not saying everyones experience will be the same I just want people with loved ones in this hospital to be aware of what happened to us. (2 weeks ago)

Crappy hospital. If you can stay alive long enough to drive to Feather River hospital in Paradise, Ca I recommend doing so. Oh and the online patient-portal is something you would see in the 1970's if they had internet than. (a month ago)

I went to Enloe outpatient center for inhaler for bronchitis. They sent me to ER because I have a history of heart problems. They did an EKG , ran simple Test, I told the doctor at the outpatient that I was not in pain. Just wanted something for wheezing. She forced me to go to the ER for congestive heart failure. I went to the ER they did tests determined that I was fine and gave me an inhaler. I got a bill for $4000 for an inhaler. They reduce my bill 20% . I will never give my services to Enloe again. I will have to be on my deathbed dying. They are thieves and dishonest. I recommend you go somewhere else unless it is absolute life or death. If it was up to me. I would be change the way they treat patients and provide service. You took advantage of a persons condition because you saw me as a $. Good Luck (a month ago)

I'm in healthcare myself. Every person ranging from housekeeping, Dr's nurses and Food Service were very professional, well informed, communicated with each other. The food (when I could have it) was good. They made every effort for my safety, comfort and situation management. Would certainly recommend this hospital if someone needed to know about a high level of care hospital. They had a difficult patient next door and they were very patient with him. (6 months ago)

Staff is rude. Not helpful at all. So rude, I do not know how someone could be so rude to a sick patient. If you hate your job so much then just quit it is not our fault you hate it. I THOUGHT A HOSPITAL WAS ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE. (2 weeks ago)

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