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Leading acute care hospital in Englewood, NJ. ... About Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. About the Medical Center. LEARN MORE. News Make a Gift. EHMC Foundation.

Englewood Hospital And Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bergen County, NJ.

Englewood Hospital And Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Englewood Hospital And Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My fiance' had a major foot surgery at Englewood Hospital today. Kudos to the staff, the nurses and the doctors for having taken care of her so well and so professionally before, during and after her surgery. You are the best and the most professionals we have ever come to know at a health facility. Five Stars are not enough for how you treated and took care of my fiance today. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You guys Rock. (a week ago)

Excellent customer service. Was a bit frustrated with my initial experience but I can definitely say if you have any issues you should go to the department concerned and have your issue addressed. They really do care here and do their best to make sure each person is satisfied with their experience. I am highly impressed with how professionally they handled my complaints. I have had a change of heart and would definitely go back in the future. So if you at first don't have a good experience, give them a chance to make it right. (2 weeks ago)

I don't typically provide GOOD reviews, however after experiencing the attention and quality of service for my 80+ years young Mom at Englewood late yesterday afternoon, its my way of returning the appreciation. The entire staff, from the Valet Parking, ER check-in, efficiency and care of staff, nurses and in particular Doctor Rachna A Subramony, were entirely above and beyond measure. Full attention to detail and necessary tests were done, keeping us updated with each one, providing the necessary assurance that everything possible was being examined/diagnosed. Thanks to each and everyone of you. (including the unseen staff; Radiology professionals, blood analysts, nurses). God Bless you! Sincerely, Dean R. (a week ago)

The emergency department its the worst when taking care the patient from nurses to the doctors. We went before 11:00pm and we left at 6:00am the next day and no because the ER was busy its cause they take the sweet ass time to take care a patient when my boyfriend went with stomach aid and bleeding. They didn't even give him a pain relieve. But they're very quick billing the insurance and us... Never again and I won't recommended to nobody (3 weeks ago)

I have to say that I am really surprised by the 5-star reviews because I do not think I have ever been to a worse-run clinic. I cannot comment on the quality of care because the administration is so dysfunctional that I have not even been able to get my prescribed tests done. Sure, the decor is pretty. Nice marble lobby. "Free" valet parking. But I have been scheduled for screening mammography and bone density scanning 3 separate times now over the past 4 months and each time there was a problem with my paperwork that prevented me from getting the tests done. The first time was because they could not find the prescriptions that I thought my primary care doctor had faxed over. Okay, mistakes happen, so I called my primary doc the next day and asked them to resend them. But when I arrived for appointment number two (after calling to confirm that the Rx had been received), they told me my tests would not be covered because it was only 6 months since my last mammogram. What, I asked, I haven't had a mammogram in >5 years! Well, it turns out they had me confused with another patient with the same name AND no one was able to figure out what happened to the scrip my doctor sent so they refused to do it and made me reschedule. This was not such a small mistake: mixing up patient records is pretty appalling. Still the staff were apologetic and clearly embarrassed that I was going to have to make ANOTHER appointment. So the time for my 3rd appointment rolled around and, after going through all the intake questions (including my email address so they could reach out me and I could then access the EPIC portal) everything FINALLY seemed to be going right. Until I was asked to sign a form that the clerk described as a privacy notice but that also included acknowledgement that not all the services (notably those of the radiologist who would interpret the test) were necessarily covered by my insurance. Having been burned by this kind of practice in the past (to the tune of literally thousands of dollars) I put the brakes on and said wait, I need to call my insurance company because they precertified only the EH breast care center and I have no idea whether my insurance covers the other providers. As luck would have it, the insurance company was closed for the day, so I once again had to forego the testing. Adding insult to injury, when I called today to get the provider information, I was first transferred to the billing department, where after 21 minutes on hold, I was told they did not have the information and was transferred back to the Breast Center. When I asked the admin if she could email the necessary provider numbers to me, she told they "don't send patients emails" (even though they ask us for our email addresses????); when I asked if she could fax it, she responded that she was very busy and, without another word, transferred me back to the billing department. I am speechless. I guess it's time to check out some other providers. Valley Hospital, perhaps? (a week ago)

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