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Emerus Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fort Bend County, TX.

Emerus Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Emerus Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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We were visiting here from Minnesota and my 2yr old daughter got sick. We went to Emerus Hospital. The doctor saw my daughter for about 5 minutes and diagnosed her an UTI. She didn't even run any test or even touched her for a matter of fact. We were charged over $2000 for the visit. This place is way overpriced. In addition to the ridiculous bill, I was also charged for a service that she didn't even receive. This place is scam and not worth the price. Update: They returned my phone call 2 1/2 weeks later about a service we did not receive. Also, we are still receiving additional bills from them 5 months later for other fees and services. I have tried to pay my bill online a few times and the online pay system NEVER works! I am pretty disappointed in this company and lack of customer service. (a year ago)

Dr. Bashar Ismail is the best Dr. I've ever seen in my 45 years. He treated my friends kids like to other. Unbelievably awesome (a year ago)

Well, I pretty much got told my diarrhea and abdominal pain might be psychological! That's right! After years of recurrent colitis, including just last month during a 7 day hospital stay, it's still in my head, right? I guess the "emotional" stress put the protein & leukocytes/blood in my urine as well. I was told the CT scan was normal, but there's just 1 big problem. I reviewed it when I got home & saw where it noted uterine fibroids likely. Ah, yes; a friend of mine has these. They are very painful, & ironically, she does experience GI symptoms with it, followed by frequent ER visits to eleviate these fare-ups. After all, the urinalysis I left had 3 large blood clots in it, & this wasn't of any concern? I guess that was all psychologically induced too...give me a damn break! I got reminded how I had been in 7 times in 2 months & told I could not have anymore pain relief because we all know the CT scan was 100% normal...not! I have the official copy. The attending physician was right; I have not been getting sufficient care & here is the written evidence. Currently, I am at home with my 2 youngest babies, awake at 0414 due to severe abdominal pain. I've always given Emerus outstanding ratings until now. (a year ago)

Do not go here! My total bill, $24,801.91 yes your reading that correctly! That was just for an afternoon visit, NOT OVERNIGHT. Insurance paid a good portion and negotiated, BUT my portion is close to $6000.00 not counting other doctor fees and an ultrasound technician fee. That is more than twice the cost of my last surgery! The doctors and nurses were nice. BUT I wish I had a menu of services and costs. I would have left and went to Tomball Regional Hospital where I feel I would have received better prices with the same results. I had to have two CT scans because they did not do it with contrast with the first (I did not feel I had a choice). In the end there was still not a clear diagnosis, but we did know what it wasn't (which is good). (3 years ago)

Well, I've been here many times over the years, either for myself or with my children and have recommended this place many times over. However, at this very moment I sit here with my husband as the patient and it seems that this time literally everyone we've come into contact with the exception of the Doctor and the CNA seem to be pissed off at the world. His nurse is some biker looking guy named Chris, he seemed to be irritated at the fact that my husband and I were speaking to him when he came in to administer meds. The phlebotomist was the exact same way towards us. My husband never goes to the hospital, he is in a tremendous amount of pain, probably more talkative than normal because he is very scared and neevouse and they seem to be pissed off that he's even here, much less talking to them. I must say, I'm HIGHLY disappointed in how they are treating him. We chose to come here and pay more because the quality of care has veen exceptional in the past, clearly that has changed since my last encounter because that is NO LONGER the case!!! (a year ago)

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