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Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lauderdale County, AL.

Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Very old and outdated! Staff needs a refresher course in speed, and kindness of the ill. Sometimes you just don't feel good and one person can make you smile and feel so much better or cry and feel much worse! You pick how you will be remembered! (3 weeks ago)

As a post-operative patient, I found the nursing care to be dangerously inattentive if not inept. Fortunately my spouse, who is medically knowledgeable, was with me around the clock and protected me from the grossest errors. One example: Because I'm diabetic (not insulin dependent), my blood sugar was checked ....and was nearly 500. The tech who did the test said she'd inform the nurse.......After 30 minutes passed, my spouse went to see if anything was going to be done. The tech had made a written note on my chart but the nurse had not even looked at it. Having had it called to his attention, he came along with an insulin injection. ECM apparently does not even have meals tailored for diabetics....I was served regular meals--high carb, sweet desserts, etc. Though I was bed-fast, there was no effort to bathe me or allow me to brush my teeth. Overall, the lack of care, the lack of concern, should frighten anyone from going there. First time, last time, for me. (a month ago)

Almost died from appendix rupture,, they couldn't figure out why I had pain in my right side abdomen.. 4 weeks stay and emergency surgery,, I wouldn't recommend that place for a broken toe (a week ago)

The staff at ECM is committed to quality patient care. (in the last week)

Was here day before yesterday with extreme back pain.. they put me in a "fast track room" in a hard plastic recliner, knowing I was having issues sitting and was more comfortable laying down. I sat there for a good hour in tears waiting to be seen, and didnt even get to see an actual doctor. Was just a Nurse Practitioner. Gave me pain meds that didnt work, and then subjected me to the most PAINFUL x Rays I have had in my life. I was tugged on and pushed on without warning which made the pain shoot down my legs and up into my ribs. NO CONCERN for that at all. Absolutely never asked about my pain scale.. never asked me if I wanted more than ibuprofen, never offered me any water or any other basic kindnesses. Watched me walk out with my husband and then suggested as I am slumped over in tears to "Take a hot bath". They did this knowing I couldn't even stand up, let alone get in and out of a tub! RUDE, TERRIBLE BEDSIDE MANNER, INCOMPITENT .. and those lack the true frustration behind those words. I am STILL in ridiculous pain and have been in bed since I got home days ago unable to walk unassisted AT ALL. DO NOT go here if you actually expect help! (3 months ago)

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