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Eisenhower Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Riverside County, CA.

Eisenhower Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Eisenhower Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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This is a beautiful facility. If you are fortunate enough to be able to plan your hospital stay in advance, you should have no problem. If on the other hand, you arrive via the emergency room your chances of receiving quality care on a timely basis take an exponential nose dive. You can expect to be there for QUITE some time. Waits of seven hours or more are not unusual. Then to be misdiagnosed only to wind up at Loma Linda having major surgery. I have been unfortunate enough to have experienced this facility as a patient and as a family member of a patient. It is starting to resemble a Third World country in this emergency room. The notable difference being you would be treated with more dignity and respect in the Third World. My family is under strict instructions that I am never to be brought to this emergency room unless I am not conscious to object. I have had much better experiences a few minutes away at Desert Regional. (2 weeks ago)

I hope none of our travel friends ever require medical / emergency help. If you find yourself in need in the Coachella Valley, you couldn't do better than Eisenhower Health.The main campus is on Bob Hope Dr. in Rancho Mirage, but the satellite facilities , including urgent care clinics, are all over the Valley. Over the past few years I and my wife have to spend more time under their care then I would wish for anyone. However, you will surprised at the pleasant atmosphere, professionalism, and outstanding attitude of the staff. Sorry, I couldn't say the food is great but, apart from the cuisine you will can not get better treatment from any other area medical service. Oh, BTW, they are networked into every medical discipline you can think of. Whatever your need, they have it. (a month ago)

Eisenhower Health is not only a great place to work. It is an amazing opportunity to make an intangible impact on the lives of extraordinary patients. The enrichment of the culture is definitely of a different caliber. I would absolutely recommend anyone who is looking for excellent health care services and a beyond satisfactory experience. I am so fascinated by the impact that Eisenhower Health has made on the lives of others here in Coachella valley. (3 months ago)

Every time I come in, it never fails that I encounter someone that I end up loathing because they are beyond rude; however, after being very upset it also never fails that a nurse or doctor comes in and not only does their job, but does an incredible job! If some staff sucks AND other staff is able to not only remedy your feelings towards the original contact you had, but you leave the hospital with a prescription AND a smile on your face it’s a 5 Star place. Way to go Marie (a nurse assisting me at 3/4am with a chipper and loving attitude!) (4 months ago)

I’m not a person who yelps or complains, but yesterday’s visit was ridiculous. I went to the ER yesterday around 3 p.m. on 4/8/2018 for side effects from my pain meds. I’m 3 days post op hip arthroscopy surgery and was very ill and vomiting all morning from my pain medication. I was very dehydrated and in pain from having no pain meds in my body. All I wanted was Iv fluids and a different pain medication. As I came in, the man who checked me in was very nice. Once I got called to the back, was a different story. A female nurse wheeled me to the er room and I asked if I can lay on the bed because I’m in pain and she said no, and she had to ask someone. I layed down anyways because of my post op pain. A nurse ( I think his name was Rodney) came in asking what’s wrong. As I explained, he carelessly tells me I look fine and doesn’t even write anything down. He walks out and goes to his computer right across my room and turns on Wrestlemania and starts watching it. The female nurse comes in and gives me a urine sample cup and I asked if I can please have urinal plastic container or pan because I can barely walk. She looked at me very rude and confused and kept saying “what” as if I was disgusting. I understand ERs are busy and it takes a while. After an hour she brings me anti nausea medicine. I thought it was very odd that I still didn’t have an iv after being there for 2 hours and 30 minutes. My pain was elevating and my husband asked if I can please have iv fluids and pain medication. Through out all this time they are still watching wrestlmania on the computer directly across from my room. When my husband asked, they acted very rude as we patiently waited. She comes in very rude and I nicely ask what kind of pain meds is it because I’m sick from the other meds. She says morphine and I asked if I can please just be rehydrated with iv fluids and a lower pain medication. I declined the morphine and she got angry probably because she was missing wrestlemania. The show was very loud and we could hear everything. I asked If I could please see a doctor and she said no, Rodney the nurse is the person treating me. I asked what treatment they were going to do and she said nothing, just send you home. I explained what I was there for and she said, well did you tell him.” Her tone was extremely rude. I told her if I never even asked for the pain meds and an iv just now, you weren’t ever going to treat me. She was so rude I told her it’s fine, I’m leaving. I couldn’t handle getting treated like this any longer. As we were leaving, Rodney was still watching wrestlemania and he carelessly said, “ you’re leaving.” We said yes and we did. He said ok with a careless smirk. I payed $150.00 to get treated extremely rude. I’ve been there 3 times and it was the best care I ever got from being the most ridiculous treatment ever. (a month ago)

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