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Einstein Medical Center Montgomery is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, PA.

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My dad was admitted for prostate surgery. All the team members; the doctors, the nurses, the technicians, the cafeteria members, and the janitorial service members were great. They took care of my dad in professional and compassionate manner. Hospital is clean and rooms accommodate overnight visitors with every possible way. I am grateful to all members of South Building third floor especially to Elicia Jackson, RN. Thanks (a week ago)

On May 2, 2018 I had total hip replacement. I cannot tell you how wonderful this hospital and their staff treated me. I had to check my drivers license to make sure I was nobody famous!!! From the minute I checked in to the day I was discharged the nurses, food service, even cleaning employees were friendly yet extremely professional. You should be so proud to know you made a difference in this very trying time in my life. Bless you all....... (a month ago)

My mother was just ambulances aFter falling down at her house. Deep cut in the back of her head. She suffers from Parkinson's and is very frail. Clearly she was concussed and disoriented. The staff was very nice. But putting staples after a cat scan and cleaning her up is not a thorough evaluation. It took us a long time to get her in the car to go home.AND EVEN LONGER TO GET HER IN THE House. How can a Dr and medical team release a patient in that state with a clear conscience. The concussion made her so disoriented, and she clearly is not herself . Shame on you Einstein. C (a month ago)

Well, I really wish to give a completely honest account because I know that words matter. Recently, I visited the emergency room at Einstein Montgomery approximately around 9:15 A.M. I was on my way back home by 11:15 A.M. That's not bad for an emergency room visit. I was diagnosed with a fractured toe. An xray was done, the injury was explained, and my toe was wrapped by a very kind and knowledgeable female doctor, who when I asked about her accent said that she was from Haiti. It was a good experience. I admit that I did ask several questions to keep things moving, but that day I was very happy for all things related to Einstein. However, I was not shown my xray, and that is why I gave 4 stars and not 5. (a month ago)

I went to the ER at Einstein because it's close to my work and it's a new facility. I typically go to Abington or Holy Redeemer which are near my home. The nurse I had, Erica, was not very pleasant. She barely spoke, let alone smiling or being pleasant. I was never asked if I was comfortable or needed anything. Abington and Holy Redeemer nurses are angels I am realizing and provide a whole other level of care. I had the feeling maybe she was making a judgement on me on whether I needed to be there. Two major concerns were that she starting taking my medical history but then I was taken to get my CT scan. She never finishing taking it. Also, she was about to give me some sort of painkiller via IV but no one had asked me what meds I was taking yet. I refused it because by that time I was not in pain. The med nurse that asks about what meds you are taking came right before I was discharged so that seemed pointless. I had gone to the ER due to horrible pinching pains on both sides of my back and HR of 150. My HR did not come done even laying in the bed. I ended up being dry and knew I needed to drink and that was not helping my HR. I asked for water or fluids but was told I couldn't have them until labs/ct results came in. So I was dry and thirsty and left with my heart racing for hours. I've been give a beta blocker via IV before at other hospitals. I do take a beta blocker daily but sometimes my arrhythmia goes a bit crazy and so my dose doesn't always work. Eventually, I was given IV fluids which immediately helped my HR come down and finally I was told I could take an extra of my metoprolol to also help it. The nicest person was the older gentleman who takes you to get your imaging done. He asked if I was cold or needed socks and was the one bright point in my experience. I would not go there again unless I truly could not make it to a better facility with a more caring team. The ER was very busy that day so I am not sure if the nurses are not trained adequately in bed-side manner or if they do not have enough staff to provide the proper care. *One more thing-there was an elderly lady writhing and screaming in pain waiting for a ct scan next to me. 2 nurses were with her but did not try to soothe her. I was in tears feeling horrible for her (apparently she had fallen). I wanted to reach my hand out to hers to comfort her as no one else was but wasn't sure it was appropriate. I said a prayer for her. I hope she is ok. (2 weeks ago)

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