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Einstein Medical Center Montgomery is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, PA.

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Made the mistake of going to this ER department even after various family member complaints, in which I witnessed first hand upon visitation. Due to the severity of my health concern, unfortunately this was the closest hospital. The quality of care in various aspects that I received was so poor that I decided to walk out of there against medical advice and go somewhere else. From the moment I walked in there my triage experience was awful, bedside manner didn't seem to exist, and for privacy purposes I'll keep this post limited. I understand hospitals can be short staffed, nurses are over worked and over tired, but patient comfort and satisfaction ultimately impacts compliance ( or non compliance for that matter) towards the best health outcome possible. (2 months ago)

My wife Ethel had knee replacement surgery 14 MARCH AT 1000HRS. Dr Dan Goldstein and his staff impressed both my wife and I. Courtesy, smiling,answered all our questions. No condescending or impatient looks which I've seen in other health professionals. The meals are excellent. Large menu to choose from. Phone your order and the meal is brought to the room within the half hour. Thanks again to Dr Goldstein and all the staff working with him. I'm sorry that I cannot remember the names of all the personnel I was introduced to. I had my wife on my mind. Surgery was done this morning and my wife is sitting down at 5PM eating a meal. Excellent staff helping my wife since she arrived in her room. I Like the nurse "Julia". Her name is on the board in the room. Everyone else is very helpful. Robert & Ethel April Thank You EINSTEIN (2 months ago)

They are excellent at maximizing profit and billing complexity. And if you're lucky, they may actually give a s**t about providing good healthcare. (a month ago)


Took my 7 day old daughter here for a fever. They said they could run diagnostics (bloodwork, CSF, chest rads) but could not treat her and we would have to transfer to CHOP via ambulence AFTER they did the diagnostics. Their experience in handling such cases was not reassuring and I told them I would just take my daughter to CHOP asap to get proper care. After waiting an inordinate amount of time to sign an against medical advice form (why wait for diagnostics to be "run" when I could be at CHOP having treatment for her WHILE diagnostics were running). They told me she could die in the car despite being stable on her physical - but also I was scared she would die with delayed/absent treatment from Einstein & waiting for an ambulence from CHOP to come get her. No one knew how long these diagnostics could take! The only attending doctor I spoke with did not seem interested in helping my daughter or have any convincing reason to keep her there. Once I told them please let me just take her to CHOP now I was brushed to the side and treated in a condescending and rude way. This was over 2 years ago but I feel like I should warn people to steer clear of here with their infants, I was so relieved to get to CHOP I cried as soon as I got into their ER. I am also in the medical field so I understand sometimes there are inexperienced people talking to you/in training but really felt like they were more worried about me signing paperwork then helping my baby. I get that emergency work is often the most complained about and associated with the most dissatisfaction but the treatment we received here was just extremely unacceptable. (a week ago)

Great staff and doctors, they really made sure I was comfortable and understood everything going on. Thank you guys so much for making the best of a hospital stay. Also thanks to the ER nurse(John) he was great and doctor! (4 months ago)

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